How to check ethernet connection speed on the mac

The convenience of wireless networking is fantastic, but it doesn’t compare to the solidity and dependability of a wired network connection.

Where can you find out if your Ethernet connection is running at 10, 100, or 1000 Mbit/s? It is not in the most obvious place, as it turns out




How to record the screen on a Mac for free

Do you want to show what you’re doing on your Mac to someone? Or many people? Sometimes video is the best medium to explain what you are doing. You can record your instructions once, and share it on YouTube or social networks. Here is a tip on how to do it for free with Quicktime Player 10, it’s built-in to Macs beginning with OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and later.


Guide: How to format an external drive to work seamlessly with Macs and PCs without third party software.

mac external drive exfatExternal drives allow you to quickly moves large files between computers. If you want yours to seamlessly work with both Macs and PCs, your external drive needs to use a filesystem that is supported by both platforms. The problem is that by default Windows uses NFTS, and Macs use HFS. Out of the box, Windows can not read or write HFS drives, and Macs are unable to write to NTFS drives.


Tip: How to rotate screen on Mac.

Screen Rotated 90 degrees.Sometimes for whatever reason you may need to rotate the screen, unfortunately Apple does not provide an obvious switch. To rotate the screen open System Preferences from the dock, and hold down Option and Command as you click on Displays. This will open the Displays menu with an added Rotation dropdown box with Standard, 90°, 180°, and 270° options.


How to fix slow shutdown and startup times.

Startup spinnerAre you suddenly experiencing slower then usual startup/shutdown times? It’s normal for your mac to take slightly more time to boot as you fill it up with documents and applications. But if one day, all of the sudden you experience a drastic change in startup times, it could be a sign of a problem. Here are 5 possible solutions in the order of likeliness.


How to quickly view wireless network details with a click.

View AirPort details with a click.If you click on the AirPort icon on your menu bar, you get an overly simple view about your wi-fi connection.  You can see available networks and their signal strength with 4 bars.

Option + Click on AirPort in the menu bar.

If you click on the Airport menu while holding the Option key you get a much more detailed analysis of the Wi-fi connection which is useful if you want to know the exact speed of the connection and signal strength in greater detail than 4 bars.


How to get the maximum possible battery life on a macbook

Macbook battery life icon.Macs already get great battery life. The newest line of MacBooks are supposed to run 7 hours straight without needing a wall socket. But what if you left your MagSafe charger at home, and you know you’ll need 8-9 hour of work?

In this MacTip, I’ll list the obvious and not so obvious tips to get the longest possible uptime on a single charge.

How to prevent Mac from going to sleep

Want to leave your Mac on for a while for some process to finish? The default behavior in OS X is to put the computer into a low power sleep mode after a couple of minutes of inactivity. While this is great for saving energy, you may find it interfering with your computer usage.



When is the best time to buy a new Mac

Generally, most people prefer to buy gadgets early in the product’s life cycle, so it remains “new” for longer. Others prefer to buy a bit later, waiting for any early issues to be worked out. And everyone will agree, that buying right before a major improvement will make you feel at least slightly bitter, because Apple is not known for signalling a product update with a sale. Regardless of your preference, as an informed consumer you can make better purchase decisions. More

USB Tethering a Mac to an Android phone

Most new Android phones support Wi-Fi tethering, creating a wireless hotspot for sharing the phone’s Internet connection with other devices. Android phones also support USB tethering (unless removed by carrier/manufacturer), which is a nice feature to have when wireless tethering isn’t ideal. In the past the problem has been the lack of USB drivers to connect the phone’s connection to Macs.