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Help, My 5th Generation iPod Won’t Turn On- How to Fix

Has your iPod refused to turn on? Well, do not worry, you are not the only one. Some people have been having issues with their device, and I am here to help you.

The Issue:

Some consumers have been unable to turn on their iPod’s, despite holding the power button and waiting patiently. It has become a big issue, but I assure you that there are two simple solutions to this problem.

Why is it Happening?

Well, there are quite a few reasons as to why your device may not turn on. Some of them simply involve plugging it in or resetting it, but it could also be something wrong with the battery or the device itself. Hopefully these two ways to fix it work for you:

Plan A:

The first thing that you should do to turn on your device is to plug it into a power source. It is highly likely that your device is dead beyond being able to turn on and is just in need of a good charging. If this is correct, then your device should turn on once it has been charged to the minimum level needed to work.

Plan B:

Did the first option fail you? Well, do not worry, there is another possible solution to the issue. If the device will not charge even after being plugged in, then it could mean that your device’s iOS needs to be reset. If the iOS crashed, then the device cannot turn on until reset your device by holding both the home button and the power button, at the same time.

If this was the real reason for the inability to turn on, then you will see the Apple logo appear on a now lit screen, after holding the button for several seconds. Once the logo appears, then you have been successful and have no need to hold the buttons any longer.

Still Not Working?

If this issue has still not been resolved, then the issue is something that needs to be brought up with iPod customer service. The issue is most likely something that cannot be done easily without their aid. Do not panic though, the customer service can be incredibly helpful.

In summary, try plugging your device as well as resetting it before you run to Apple support. The device is most likely dead or has crashed and can be fixed easily, but I could be wrong. If these do not work, then I wish you luck.

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