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Amazon Kindle Store is Now a Web App!

Are you an avid reader? Do you spend long hours glued to your kindle, flipping through e-book after e-book? Well, recently, Amazon has released a stand-alone web app for the Kindle store, for the iPad!

If you find your curiosity has been piqued, this link will take you there, so you can see it for yourself: http://amazon.com/iPadKindleStore

Upon opening the page, you will be prompted to make a shortcut for your home screen, which provides you with easier access to the application. So, what’s so great about this new app? Well, let me tell you!

  1. The bold images and easy navigation make for a visually appealing and smooth application!
  • Who doesn’t love vibrant and eye-catching colors, that practically pop right off the screen? Also, the typography was constructed with the iPad screen in mind, which makes it beautiful to look at and easy to navigate through!
  1. It uses an advanced and amazing formula to offer the perfect suggestions catered to your tastes!
  • Log in with your Amazon ID. With your purchase history, the app will give you the best suggestions, specifically crafted with your likes and dislikes. This will leave you happy and perpetually well-read.
  1. The application offers a wide variety of categories for you to browse!
  • From the Horror Genre, to the popular New York Times Bestsellers, to the Romance genre, etc. this app has got it all! You can even browse through various Top 100 lists on some of the best books to read!
  • The app includes as many categories, to make shopping just a bit easier. It also adds a larger variety of titles to get lost browsing through.
  1. The attention to detail for each book, looks even better than it ever did!

  1. Don’t forget about that One Tap Sample Access!
  • It is true, all you must do is tap on any story, just one time, and you will be able to read a small snippet of the story.
  • Each sample is easily accessed, using either the Kindle app, or Amazon’s Cloud Reader.

So, here is some history on how this amazing web app came to be: Just last year, Apple implemented a new policy, which requires that Apple gets a 30% cut of all profits from in-app stores. Amazon was not okay with this, so they chose not to comply with the policy, and instead created their own app. Therefore, the web app hasn’t been included in the original Kindle application for iOS or iPad.

It was the best decision that Amazon could have made, as it is an amazing app. The best part is, since it pairs with the Cloud Reader, you will get the full Kindle experience, which includes reading, purchasing, and your own virtual library to browse through.

Any big-time book lover would be crazy not to be excited about this amazing, new app! So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out and see just how much you love it!

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