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Best iPhone 6/6s Bumper Cases – Protect Your iPhone

When it comes to mobile phones, everyone wants to ensure that their phone remains protected. The best way to do this is via phone cases. Bumper cases are a great way for you to protect your iPhone, without losing its style. Within this article, we are going to explore some of the best iPhone 6/6s bumper cases for your iPhone.

Of course, the list is not extensive, but you may find a product that is relevant and suitable for you and your iPhone requirements.

Below we have quickly outlined a list of some of the iPhone bumper cases currently available on the market:

  • Ringke Fusion;
  • Poetic iPhone 6 Bumper;
  • Spigen Case Bumper;
  • Bear Motion Bumper Case;
  • Photive Hybrid Bumper Case;
  • Luvvit ClearView;
  • Kayscase iPhone 6/6s Bumpere Cover Case;
  • Elago;
  • Khomo iPhone 6/6s Hybrid Bumper Case.

As you can see, we have quite an extensive list with regards to iPhone bumper cases. For each of the above cases, we have provided a short brief along with key features and unique selling points.

The Importance of Protecting Your iPhone

Your iPhone is probably one of the most precious things you own. iPhones are a popular choice amongst all people, and therefore maximizing its protection is crucial. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s contains an array of key features that allows it to still be a popular mobile choice amongst customers.

iPhones are renowned for the following, guaranteed to ensure you receive the very best mobile:

  • Cutting-edge technology;
  • New apps;
  • Longer lasting battery life, and so on.

When many of us purchase our mobile phones, we usually want to protect it right from the offset. This is to ensure that your phone does not break or scratch in the event of a bump, break, or any damage.

Now that we have explored some of the reasons as to why it is important to protect your iPhone, we can now take a look at some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s bumper cases that you should consider.

Below we have provided a list of 9 products that you should keep in mind to ensure that your phone remains protected, whilst keeping its style.

Top iPhone 6 And iPhone 6/S Bumper Cases

Okay, so let’s begin our countdown to some of the best bumper cases on the market, aimed at anyone with an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s.

Bumper Case 1 – Ringke Fusion

Ringke Fusion is first on our list of bumper cases. There are so many key features of this bumper case which we would like to share with you:

  • First of all, this bumper case includes an anti-scratch coating to ensure maximum protection;
  • The Rinke Fusion case is a hybrid whereby the back case is completely transparent – which does not affect the style of your iPhone;
  • Another great feature is that the bumper case covers the ports of your phone; which means that everything on your phone is fully protected;
  • The bumper case is complete with a TPU cushion which absorbs any shock in the event of a drop or bump;
  • The Ringke Fusion bumper case was designed to ensure a natural-looking element;
  • Even with the buttons covered, they are still completely responsive, meaning that you can still use every functionality of your iPhone to the best of its ability.

Bumper Case 2 – Poetic iPhone 6 Bumper

Making it on to our list is the bumper case, Poetic. Poetic has been classed as being of the firsts to make simple cases for iPhones.

Below we have included a few key features:

  • A great, trustworthy case, which takes care of your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6/s;

  • Although it isn’t a hybrid, your phone is still protected;

  • The back of the case is open meaning that dust & scratches are still going to attract. However, some customers prefer to have the back of their phone not protected. It merely is just personal preference;

  • The bumper case is designed so that all the port holes are cut out, meaning that no interference is caused when pushing buttons;

  • The bumper case is made from polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane, which are great for good, flexible products, that are able to withstand shocks and any bump or drop.

Bumper Case 3 – Spigen Case Bumper

The iPhone Spigen Case Bumper is another great product to protect your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s.

There are many features that come with purchasing the Spigen Case Bumper, and these include the following:

  • Complete with extreme drop protection;

  • Complete with air cushion technology

  • Scratch free design to ensure long-lasting protection;

  • Combination of polycarbonate and TPU for the ultimate, dual protection;

  • A bumper case that is designed for beauty and protection.

Bumper Case 4 – Bear Motion Bumper Case

We also want to introduce the Bear Motion Bumper Case. Again, this product has a range of key features for your iPhone’s protection:

  • Made from finest thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate;

  • Bear Motion Bumper Case provides your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6/s with the complete protection you’re looking for;

  • Although the design and style may not be that attractive, it does make up for it in terms of its sturdiness and protection;

  • One of the flaws of the Bear Motion Bumper Case is that, for fatter fingers, the access to the buttons on your phone is made slightly more difficult compared to other bumper cases.

Bumper Case 5 – Photive Hybrid Bumper Case

Let us introduce you to the Photive Hybrid Bumper Case. Below we have outlined some of the product’s main features:

  • UV coated solid polycarbonate frame to ensure maximum protection;

  • Stretchy TPU border iPhone 6 and iPhone 6/s bumper case includes a protective design;

  • Adding slight bulk which provides your iPhone with the safety and protection you are looking for;

  • Dual facility-great looks and awesome protection;

  • Clean cut-outs meaning that the bumper case does not detract from the iPhone’s style.

Bumper Case 6 – Luvvitt Clearview

The Luvvitt Clearview is another great iPhone bumper case product for you to consider.

Below are a few key features for you to remember with regards to this product:

  • TPU edge bumper case, which is attached to a clear polycarbonate back cover;

  • Protects your iPhone from scratching or damage front or back;

  • The Luvvitt Clearview bumper case is complete with beveled edges so that your iPhone’s screen is protected when facing down.

Bumper Case 7 – Kayscase iPhone 6/6s Bumper Cover Case

The Kayscase iPhone 6 and iPhone 6/s makes it on to our list at number seven. Below is a list of key features:

  • Color-line bumper case which provides the ultimate protection from all bumps or falls;

  • Ease of access to all buttons and cut-outs;

  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty to ensure your phone is always protected;

  • Despite being a little on the bulky side, it is a great option for protection;

  • Also available in black color.

Bumper Case 8 – Elago

Another perfect choice for you is the Elago Bumper Case. This case is another great choice for minimalist design.

Below is a list of key features of the Elago Bumper Case:

  • Aesthetic elements to ensure that your iPhone’s style is not detracted;

  • Ultimate protection via TPU and polycarbonate materials;

  • Screen will be covered via a raised lip on the bumper case;

  • Easy access to all ports and buttons.

Bumper Case 9 – Khomo iPhone 6/6s Hybrid Bumper Case

The Khomo iPhone 6/6s Hybrid Bumper Case is last on our list. This bumper case is complete with the following key features:

  • Made with fusion of Polycarbonate and TPU;

  • A bumper case that protects your iPhone from shocks, scratches, and unwanted damage;

  • Flexible access to all buttons including the on/off button, speakers, or buttons;

  • 5-year warranty.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are so many choices for you to make with regards to how you want to take care of your iPhone.

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