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Best iPhone File Managers Out – Clean Phone, Clean Mind

File manager apps are a great way to make sure your files and apps are easily accessible and neatly organized. Many of these apps come with optimized features, helping you make the most of your content! The following is a curated list of apps, aiming to find you the perfect iOS file manager for your cluttered phone.

Why Do I Need a File Manager?

It can be exhausting to deal with hundreds of documents and files, especially when you need them to be easily accessible. The best way to manage large amounts of files is to have strict organization combined with a sleek, easy-to-use app to make technology work for you.

Time is money, and the best way to maximize both for yourself is to have a well-designed app capable of not only organizing your files but providing an experience that exceeds your expectations.

How Do I Know Which One to Use?

Look, there are hundreds of organizational apps out there. Many of them are designed to help you manage your files and come with additional features, but here we’ve compiled the very best. From multi-tasking apps to clean storage, here is our list of the best organizational apps on the AppStore.

Free File Manager Apps That Impress

1. File Manager

This app is a multitasker! Not only does File Manager help you organize your documents and files, it also works to transfer files between your iPhone and computer. Organizing and transferring files is easy and simple on this app.

File Manager also has a built-in PDF reader as well as a music player within the app itself. There is also an integrated search feature, and password protection to ensure your files and documents stay safe.

This app is supported by Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint. This makes opening your files even easier! Several clouds support this app as well, such as OneDrive and Drobox.

File Manager brilliantly makes it easy and convenient to organize and store your files without clutter. This app even allows you to sort your files by name, size or date – making it easier than ever to locate that obscure report you need to upload tomorrow.

2. Document 5

Document 5 is a great file managing app with multi-function capabilities sure to wow both consumers and enterprise users.

This app allows you to edit text files, read and annotate PDF files and even search text strings within documents. You can also save webpages to read later, and even protect your files with a password.

Document 5 is compatible with cloud services such as iCloud and Dropbox, so uploading and downloading is easy and convenient.

This free app is a great way to stay more organized and to perform several editing features all from the same application!

3. FileApp

This app is an efficient file manager that boasts many additional features. This app allows you to share directly from the app to social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, which is a unique benefit of this particular organizer. It also allows you to attach files directly to an e-mail and even lets you play your audio and video files directly in the app.

Even more unique? This file managing app has an integrated image editor, allowing you to edit and filter your photos to your heart’s delight. Make a slideshow after directly in the app, if you want!

On a serious note, this (free!) app offers excellent security features such as file encryption and passcode protection. This app is an excellent way to ensure your files are in tune with your social presence!

4. File n Folders

This app is a great way to transfer documents between computers and iPhones. Working as a virtual USB of sorts, Files n Folders allows you to get documents between your computer and phone in an organized fashion and works with both Mac computers and PCs.

Files n Folders allows users to work with files supported by iOS. This can include HTML, ZIP files, PDF, Text and even Microsoft Office documents.

This app provides incredible advanced media features – you can create a photo slideshow from your camera roll, for example. You can also create playlists for video or audio files with an automatic loop feature.

File n Folders is free, but after your eleventh file is downloaded or uploaded it will request payment of $1.99.

5. FileMaster

FileMaster is another great organizational app available on the AppStore. Though file management activities are certainly easy through this app, the best benefit offered is preventing data loss.

FileMaster lets you fix forgotten passwords, give a password to an app or folder. Wi-Fi authentication can even be applied to documents, and it helps you hide files and folders to ensure privacy on your device. The security features on this app are absolutely incredible.

FileMaster also allows you to create new folders, play mp3 files and import photo and video files all within the same folder – helping you multi-task while staying on task. Download this free app before they start charging!

Best File Managing Apps – Paid

1. iFiles

iFiles is an incredibly versatile organizational app. There are many incredible and unique features, making this .99 cent app a complete steal!

You can create voice notes directly from this app with the integrated voice recorder. You can also change the settings on any file, creating color schemes, names or even customized icons for the file. In order to do this, all you have to do is hold and tap on any file in order to view the settings.

iFiles supports several file formats and cloud services.

2. Files Pro

Files Pro is a great file managing app featuring several unique features. The built-in browser is an easy and efficient way to download files, and the app is compatible with Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

This app has amazing, simple file editing features that make editing a breeze. The ability to zoom and pan helps create the exact thumbnail image you need and helps make slideshow images quickly and easily. Folders can be renamed, moved, copied, created or even deleted directly inside of the app.

Files Pro has amazing security features. You can create local and remote password protection for any of your files directly from the app, meaning that you can protect your privacy whether or not you are present where the document is saved. This feature alone makes this app a standout.

The biggest downfall of this amazing app is the price, at $4.99. A small price to pay for peace of mind!

3. iStorage 2HD

iStorage 2HD is a great, simple file managing app that doubles as a code editor. This app helps the customer view documents and organize their files in a clean, streamlined way.

You can save your files on your iPhone from this app to read at a later time, and even has a built-in web browser.

iStorage lets you transfer multiple files and edit multiple documents simultaneously. You can also open password protected files (PDF, ZIP and Rar) directly within the app.

This app, while unique and very functional, comes at a $4.99 price tag.

4. iExplorer

iExplorer is a great example of making technology assist you. Though you need a USB cable to transfer files between computer and phone with this app, it still is a wonderful assistant.

This app serves as an eBook reader, media player, and Bluetooth transfer medium.

iExplorer also allows you to watch movies and play music without downloading to your phone and makes saving your large documents in different formats easy.

You can even edit your Google Docs spreadsheet and easily upload directly from iExplorer!

Though the $4.99 price tag can seem expensive, the benefits on this app make it a worthy investment for any consumer.

5. Files United

Files United is a great organizational app that allows you to manage your files easily, so you can get to enjoying your digital content!

Windows users can access their files through SMB protocol. Mac users can drag and drop from their Mac to their iPhone using Wi-Fi connect. Managing content is effortless, streamlined and simple with this app.

Files United also lets you create new folders, tag your favorite items, copy and move your documents all from the app. It also helps you protect your files with password protection or can help you share them with amazing sharing functionalities.

These great benefits are at a low cost of $4.99.

Choosing the Right Match

Only you can know your unique organizational needs, but this array of apps guarantees that you can choose from quality apps with a great user experience. From transferring to editing to encrypting your data, these apps offer flexibility and multi-functionality to help you work smarter, and not harder.

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