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Can The iPad Pro Be Supported With a Mouse

The iPad 12.9″ version has begun a debate of the plausibility of making the iPad available with a mouse or track pad choice. What would this look and how would it change the way professionals and casual users use the technology?


The iPad Pro has been marketed towards professionals since it began. A choice is available with this technology which is the Smart Keyboard. This enables the keyboard shortcuts to be used. Recreational users are also enjoying the iPad Pro for the basic fact that they are getting much better usage out of the tech: clearer screen quality, and the added size is a bonus.

Program and App Needs

The needs for most apps do not need the user to have a mouse or track pad often, there do not lend themselves well to being used in such a way. They are more straightforward making them user-friendly in this regard, they would not be well suited for a point and click system. Most apps already have a moderated version of this built in. Having options for keyboard shortcuts is not always needed either.

Professional Needs

As mentioned, the iPad Pro is marketed towards professionals, making claims that the system and device itself are easier and less cumbersome to work with than a laptop or desktop. Jobs such editing would be easier with the added feature or choice to use a mouse or track pad. Having the choice there would empower people to feel confident that their professional needs will be considered or at least they have the choice to make themselves. Offering a mouse, the tech makes the product available to a more diverse group of people.

New Scenarios

Right now, the iPad and iPad Pro have a following of people who use the device either for recreation, such as for gaming and causal users, or professionals such as graphic artists. This is where the tech is best utilized. Opening the market by adding a mouse choice or a track pad choice begins to make the market change.

People can access the tech in a more traditional way, while still having the choice to use the iPad in a traditional tablet way. Imagine if you will, schools having an easier time with the iPad and being able to cut out the need for traditional desktops by having the mouse compatibility available.

How about the small business owners? With a point and click choice available, the switch to a tablet form of business device may be the answer. The diversity and accessibility of a tablet style device often lends itself to being more user-friendly, but when talking with some professionals, the ease made available sometimes with a point and click system, wins out over the wish for the portability of a tablet. Why can’t we have the best of both worlds?

New Buying Options

We realize the unlikelihood that Apple would change the platform to accommodate the need for a point and click choice. The likelihood of changing the way apps work is probably not going to change, but it’s an idea.

As a professional using this tech, is a nice thought to be able to rely solely on the choice of everything I need to do being able to be completed on an iPad. It stands to reason that sometimes going back to the basics is nice with desktop or a laptop. Apple would make a wise decision in allowing tech most people already own and making it compatible for a mouse to iPad scenario doable.

Everyone is about recycling today, and this would be a great way to be resourceful as well as modernize the tech available. Perhaps not all iPad devices need to have the choice, but the iPad Pro, as a tool for professionals, would help. Would being eco-friendly turn customers towards the products that are recyclable?

In conclusion, enjoying a mouse makes the process of work that much easier. While nice to have the of a point and click system, the actuality of the iPad having the feature in the future is not much more than a dream at this point.

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