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How to fix Apple Music “Cannot Open, This Media Format is Not Supported” Error

Apple’s devices are surely sophisticated, expensive and of course packed with features that are sure to capture the hearts of Apple lovers out there. Everyone uses their devices not only mainly for communicating, but also for entertainment- streaming and watching videos, playing games and most of all, listening to their favorite artists locally and internationally.

Every Apple device comes with Apple Music, a built-in app that can be found in the Home Screen. It allows users to listen to music, access the radio, view podcasts and save purchased music from the iTunes store. It also allows user to save music files in the app’s library which can be synced from their personal computers through the iTunes program.

True to their word, Apple’s devices have been satisfying the needs of every Apple user, however, as with other electronic gadgets, they also come with flaws. One of which is this error, so common, even Android users find themselves struggling too. This error, “cannot open, this media format is not supported”, pops out when users try to access a music file using Apple Music.

Don’t fret though since there is a remedy to this rather recurring error every Apple user encounters. Before starting to execute the following advice, everyone should always keep in mind that these are just mere guidelines and are often given to users by users who struggle with the same issue. If you still can’t get your way out, it is best to consult the Apple experts through the forum on their website or perhaps make that quick stop at their service center. And, always make sure that in every step you execute, check to see if the problem is resolved.

Airplane Mode

Turning your device to airplane mode is the first step you need to do. In doing so, you are temporarily cutting off incoming notifications and outgoing communications that are most likely to occur. You are also immediately cutting off any wireless connection your phone is currently connected to. This also “restarts” your network service provider without having the need to restart your device. To do this, simply go to Settings and turn on Airplane mode using the toggle.

Restarting Your Device

Now that your phone is “shut off” temporarily from your network service provider, you may need to go ahead and restart your device. Try accessing the Apple Music app again and check if the problem still persists.

Restarting your Wi-Fi and Network

If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network and have this issue, turn of your Wi-Fi connection and router. Close the Apple Music app. Before restarting your Wi-Fi and router, restart your network first by trying these steps: Go to Settings, from General, choose Reset and then Reset Network Settings.

Update as Possible

Sometimes, the format of the media file you are trying to access is no longer by your current iOS version. It is crucial to have your device updated regularly to the current iOS version to ensure that Apple Music gets updates on media files it can support. To check for an update or to make an update, go to Settings. From General, choose Software update and click on the update. Apple notifies its users for iOS updates but sometimes it is often left out, so this step might help in checking for missed updates.

Restarting Forcefully

Restarting your Apple device might also fix the issue. By doing so, you are refreshing your device. To restart forcefully, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.

Try File Conversion

Still having the issue? Do not visit the Apple forum website or drop-by an Apple service center yet before doing this possible fix. There is still hope for your media file to be played using Apple Music. However, keep in mind that this solution might take time and a few purchases. Try converting your media file to files that Apple Music supports. These formats can be found on their website.

Don’t know how to convert? Try a conversion tool. There are various conversion tools that can be found on the net. There are some that you can use online and some that need to be downloaded by making a purchase. If you need help on how to convert, you may want to consult their support.


So, there you have it. Before consulting the experts, try following the advice as stated in this quick guide. However, if you still find yourself getting stuck with the issue, you may want to consult professional help.

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