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Ways to Check or Find the Serial Number of your Beats Studio Earphones

Do you want to know how to find your Beats Studio’s serial number? If yes, then you are on the right page.

The serial number can help you with the warranty or check if your Beats Studio is an original or not. When you contact a support center, they will generally request for the serial number which can be found on your headphones or on the box that came when you bought your Beats Studio.

How to Find the Serial Number

  1. Check the Box or the Labels

Generally, most of the serial numbers of Beats Studio are printed on the package. This can be found near the barcode section. If the numbers are too small, try to check it using a magnifying glass. You can also take a photo of it using your phone and try to zoom it out.

  1. Check the Numbers on the Headphones

There are also serial numbers on your headphone. Generally, you can find them on the right side of the headphone. Try to see the steel engraving and check if the numbers are there.

  1. Check the Numbers on the Earphones

The serial numbers of original Beats Studio earphones are normally located on the cable. You might notice a small nub where you can make adjustments to the length of the cable. Try to move the cords and make it longer and search for the serial numbers on the loop.

  1. Try to Use your Mac Computer

Step 1: Open your Mac computer. Connect your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air and your headphones with the use of a USB cable.

  1. Go to the “Apple” menu and select the option named “About this Mac”.
  2. Check the options on the “System Report”. Find the USB section. You should be able to see the complete details of your headphones and it should have a serial number available.

Special Note: You may have seen the serial number when you first register your Beats studio on the updater. However, if you already registered, then it won’t show up anymore the next time you update your Beats Studio. You can also check support pages to find the serial number.


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