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How to Download Zip Files Without Unzipping?

Zip files like .gz and .zip downloaded from safari end up being unzipped while they are being saved in the computer. In this article, you will learn how the process of unzipping downloaded files by default can be stopped. Zipping helps in reducing the space taken by archive files by compressing them together. Moreover, the process of folder transfer across devices and networks becomes quicker and more comfortable. For example, .zip extension files can easily be emailed in form of email attachments.

Can this Setting be changed?

Using the Safari browser, it is easy to download files from the internet while browsing. Some of the stuff that can be downloaded from the internet include music, PDF, and zip files. Safari is set in a way that any compressed files that are downloaded gets unzipped immediately when the download process is complete. Files such as .zip files downloaded through Safari are decompressed by default. Nonetheless, changing this Setting is easy because, in some instances, you might require only the zipped file. Nevertheless, you should not worry so much because even if the Setting remains, software and programs are never opened. Only the zipped files are opened.


How to Stop Safari Browser from Automatically Unzipping Zipped Files.

To change this setting, you are required to follow these steps.

  • On your Mac, open Safari browser.
  • Navigate to Safari
  • On the dropdown menu, navigate to preferences.
  • On the menu that pops up, click on the general tab.
  • You will notice a checkbox marked open safe file after downloading. Make sure to uncheck this box.

Files such as archives, text documents, PDF, sounds, pictures, and movies are marked as safe files.


How to Know That the Problem has Been Solved

When you are done unchecking this box, you no longer have to worry. No zip files that will be downloaded through Safari will be automatically unzipped. However, if you will want to unzip the file, you only have to double click on it, and it will be decompressed automatically. Furthermore, your programs and software will remain unopened until you decide to open or run them.



Safari, unlike other browsers, tends to unzip all the downloaded files by default. files such as archives, a text document, PDFs, sounds, pictures, and moves are automatically unzipped. However, you can always revert this default setting. Once you change the Setting, compressed files will not be automatically decompressed when they are downloaded and saved. You should also not worry about software and programs because the auto unzipping process never opens them.



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