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How To Find/Track Down Your Lost Or Stolen iPad

In this day and age, it is hard to imagine ever being parted from your device, whether it’s a cellphone, or your iPad. But, despite how careful we all strive to be with our devices, it’s time to acknowledge one, undeniable truth: We are only human.

There are always going to be things that happen, that is also completely out of our control, no matter how careful we are. While it is incredibly lousy, losing a device is an unfortunate reality many of us face.

I know many people who have struggled with this very thing, at least once in their lives. Luckily, there are ways to recover your lost device, or completely wipe the data from it, if you are unable to locate it. Here is what you should do:

Step 1: Make sure your “Find My iPad” App is turned on

This is a big step in locating your missing iPad. This handy little app is there for a reason. Upon first purchasing your device, you should be prompted to turn it on. Some of us may chose not to, on that first day, so if you didn’t, make sure it is turned on, by:

  • Going to your settings.
  • Clicking “iCloud,”
  • Toggling the “Find my iPad/iPhone,” button to the “On” position.

Once you have this application turned on, you should be able to access your iPad, or iPhone, from any other iOS device, or a Mac of PC.

Step 2: Sign into your iCloud and start Tracking

  • On a PC, Mac, or alternative iOS device, sign into “Find My iPad/iPhone,” through your iCloud.
  • When you are signed in, you will be able to select the device you are searching for, and you should be able to see where it is on a map.
  • As an alternative, if you think your device might just be closer than you think, you can activate a “sonar like” sound that will play for a few seconds, either helping you locate it yourself, or alerting anyone close by that it is lost.

Step 3: Activate Lost Mode

So, in the event that you lose your device, you can protect your precious data by activating Lost Mode, which will completely lock everyone else out, while you track your missing device. This will also work for other devices, if you happen to have a family plan, so you can lock a device for anyone in the plan.

With Lost Mode activated, you will be able to remotely put a four-digit passcode on your device, effectively keeping most people out. You will also have the option to display a message, like your phone number, on the lock screen, should anyone find it. As a side note, activating Lost Mode will temporarily suspend your Apple Pay on your missing device.

Step 4: While you’re in Lost Mode, track your missing device

As I mentioned earlier, you will be able to continue tracking your missing device, as well as see its current location, and movement (if any) across the map. Tracking will immediately begin, but only if your device is already online when you turn on Lost Mode. Your location services will also immediately turn on, if it was previously off, while your device is online and in Lost Mode. Tracking will not start at all, if the device is not online.

  • Here are some alternative solutions, if your “Find My iPad” app is not active.

So, as I mentioned earlier, not all of us think about setting up this app from the get-go. Everyone is just so certain that their precious phones, or iPads, are safe from being lost. It’s one of those phenomenon’s where you feel this situation could never, ever happen to you.

If your app was never activated before your device disappeared, the best possible thing you can do, now, is change your Apple ID password. In changing your password, this ensures that all of your private data and services are protected.

While you are busy changing your Apple ID password, take the time to change the passwords for any social media, email, etc. You should also make sure to report the missing device to your local authorities and your wireless carriers. Or…

  • You could erase everything off your device.

To ensure that people stay out of your personal data, etc., you can easily and remotely erase your personal information from the missing device.

As I said before, things are going to happen, no matter where you of what you do. You could leave your device on a seat on the bus, or even by a train, and then poof! It’s gone, and there isn’t must you can really about it. However, if you follow these instructions, locating your missing device should be just as easy as pie!

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