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How To Fix – Apple Maps Not Working

Has Apple Maps made you get lost because it confused your location and didn’t update your direction when you travelled? Did the app send you the wrong way and then claim there were things nearby that clearly weren’t there? If you want it fixed, here are some solutions.

  1. Location Services

Make sure that your location services is on. To do this, go to “Settings” and find “Privacy”. In there, slide the bar next to “Location Services” towards the right to turn it on. You may want to refresh it if it is already on, by sliding the bar to the left, waiting a moment, and then sliding it back.

  1. Use Maps

Set up your phone so that location services can be accessed while you are using Maps. Go to “Settings” and then “Privacy”. Once you find “Location Services”, scroll down until you see “Maps”. In there, you will be able to change the setting to allow Apple Maps to use location services.

  1. Restart phone

As with many devices, restarting your phone can improve its functions. Try it and see if Maps will work again. If not, there are more solutions you can check.

  1. Cellular Data

Make sure that your phone can use its cellular data. Check that it’s on by going to “Settings” and then finding “Cellular”. Slide the bar to the right to turn it on.

  1. Enable location services and cellular data

It’s all well and good to have location services and cellular data on, but you need to make sure that Apple Maps is allowed to use these services, or it can’t work properly. This can be checked in the same area as turning cellular data on.

  1. Airplane mode

If Airplane Mode is off, turn it on for a few seconds then off again so that the setting can refresh itself. If it’s already on, there’s a good chance that’s the problem.

  1. Date and Time

Make sure that the time and date is correct, as the wrong ones can interfere with Maps. It is also advised that you make it set automatically. To check this, go to “Settings”, and navigate to “General”. In there, you will find “Date & Time”, where you can set everything up.

  1. Reinstall the app

To remove the app, hold down on the icon until a small cross appears. After selecting the cross, there may be a few seconds delay, but Maps will be removed. From there, go to the App Store and search for “Maps”. Follow the prompts to install it on your phone. Launch Maps again to see if it works.

  1. Reset network settings

To do this, go to “Settings” and find “General”. In there, you will see “Reset”. Click on that and navigate to “Reset Network Settings”. Once this is done, you will most likely have to log into your Wi-Fi and fill in the password, so make sure you have the details handy.

  1. Reset location and privacy settings

These settings may just need to be refreshed for Apple Maps to work again. To reset this, navigate to “Settings” and locate “General”. Find “Reset”, and then go to “Reset Location & Privacy”.

These are the main solutions to get Apple Maps up and running again. If none of these options work, I would advise you to contact the Apple support team, so they can look into it and resolve the issue for you. But if it does work, please share this guide to others who are having trouble with Apple Maps!

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