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The Apple Pencil Tool Is Not Working Correctly. How Do You Fix It?

The Apple Pencil Tool. What Is It?

Taking the form of a simple stylus, (the kind that was common enough with PDA’s back in the early 2000s), the Apple Pencil is a tool that people can buy to interface itself with a person iPad without having to touch or press down on the screen. Thus ensuring the screen itself remains smudge and fingerprint-free.

Additionally, people can use the Apple Pencil to take notes, draw, create and edit pictures and frames, and do whatever it is they want without having to touch the screen with their fingers.

Pretty hand tool, right? So, uh, what happens when the pencil becomes unresponsive and will not work anymore?

The Apple Pencil Tool Keeps Becoming Unresponsive. Why Is It Doing This? 

Okay, so you are just drawing along or taking notes in class when suddenly, your pencil no longer works. Why is this happening now all of a sudden? Especially if it happens right during something important like a lecture or while you are working on a project for school?

Well, the reason can be one or multiple causes. One reason could be related to the hardware itself; perhaps there is something wrong with your tablet. Another idea could be that there is a Blu-Tooth connection software issue. Alternatively, it could just be that the stylus itself is dying and you might need to consider replacing it.

Those Pencils Are 100-Dollars From Apple. Is There A Way To Fix The Problem?

There are a few options we can explore, which we will right now in this shortlist of ours.

The most common and fundamental issue that can happen is that the tiny little tip/nub has gotten loose, which is why it could not be working. Simply tighten it back carefully to set it back in place.

Try restarting your iPad/iPad Pro. Sometimes it can just be a software issue, and it needs a bit of a reset. So, why not try to restart the device itself and see if that fixes the problem.

If restarting your iPad/iPad Pro did not work, perhaps you should try to do a hard reset on your tablet instead. Do not worry; the act of hard resetting will not delete or interact with your data in any shape or form. It is just a method of forcing the tablet to go to sleep for a few minutes, to give it time to recover before you turn it back on.  This is one of those suggestions I would make to anyone and everyone facing tech problems.

Another option to explore is recharging the pen itself. If the pen is low on batteries, this might help explain why it is acting all wonky and weird. You will know if the battery on your pen is low because the device itself will tell you when and if the battery on your pen is low. To charge your pen, you simply just have to remove the cap and connect your pen’s Lightning connector to your tablet’s port.

What If I Still Have Problems Even Now?

If you are still having problems with your device even after trying the above steps and any other steps you might have found/thought of while working on your device, is to contact customer support and allow them to take over the process of fixing your appliance. I am sure if the steps above do not work, then they themselves might be able to help you out.

Final Thoughts And Opinions.

I hope this article proved to be helpful and engaging everyone; it is always frustrating when the tools that we pay with our own money does not work anymore, especially when the machine in question is something as simple, but useful as the Apple Pen and the iPad family.

Still, I hope this article proved to be helpful. Thank you, and have a beautiful day.


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