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Fix when Stuck on iTunes’ “Waiting for Changes to be Applied”

There are some users who experience a hang on iTunes when they try to sync their iTunes to their devices. It seems that the message “waiting for changes to be applied” is stuck on the screen and users are unsure of what to do.

A lot of users experience this problem on iTunes 11 version and the iOS 7. Some also experience this problem on iTunes 12 with a device update of iOS 8.1.3 or up.

Why You See this Issue

You might experience this problem because you haven’t completed the download of your music to your iPhone, you have enabled your Find my iPhone settings or a corrupted voice memo is preventing the download to be completed. In order to make sure that everything is completed, check the following:

Go to your iPhone’s Settings. Click your iCloud Account. Scroll down and find the iPhone option. Make sure to disable the Find my iPhone option.

How to Resolve the Issue

Before doing the following steps, make a backup copy of your voice memos. You can check the details on how to make backups on iTunes.

Erase all the “Recordings” files from your iPhone’s Directory

If you are using your iOS device – iPad, iPod, or iPhone – do the following:

  1. Go to the Settings of your iPhone. Tap your iCloud account. Go to the iPhone model that matches your device. If you have an iPhone X, tap it. Search for the option of Find my iPhone. Turn off this feature.
  2. Go to your iTunes Store app. Tap on More on the lower right corner. Tap Downloads. Make sure that you don’t have any active downloads. If you have downloads that are in progress, you can either wait for them to finish or delete every single one of them.
  3. Go to Voice Memos. Double check if there are duplicated recordings. You also need to access the iTunes library and make sure that there are no duplicates. If there are grayed memos, you can try to restart your device.
  4. Hard reboot your device by pressing the power button and the home button simultaneously. Continue pressing until you can see the Apple logo. Turn on your device and see if you can delete the voice memos afterward.

What To Do on iTunes

Cancel any automatic downloads on your device.

  1. Go to your Settings>Tap on iTunes and App Stores. Change the automatic download settings. Make sure that all of them are grayed out.
  2. Go to your iTunes. Tap on your iPhone music tab. Select the “manually added music” option. Delete all the music that is present on the list.
  3. In order to remove all the music on your iPhone or iPad, go to the iTunes app. On the Music Tab, if there is a check mark on the “Sync Music” button, make sure to un-tick it. Tap Apply.
  4. Backup all the files on your iPad or iPhone if you have to sync them successfully.
  5. You can reactivate the Sync Music feature on your iPhone after backing them up. Leave the Voice Memos unchecked. If the syncing feature still does not work, then this means that you have a corrupted voice memo.
  6. After the sync is completed, make sure to go to your settings and disable all the automatic sync of music and other files on your iPhone.

Before deleting all your voice memos, make a backup of the, on your Mac or iCloud account. You can learn how to do the backup on iTunes.

  1. Simply go to your directory and delete all the files.
  2. If you are sure that the database is corrupted, clear any files that are located on your voice memo app.
  3. Try to sync your iTunes again.


There are other solutions that you can try to resolve this issue. However, if all of the above steps still do not work, then you can contact an Apple support to help you further.

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