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How to Fix Please Contact iTunes Support to Complete This Transaction Error

A number of users have been complaining about a problem that they have encountered when accessing the iTunes Store/App Store. The error message, which usually occurs when one tries to make a purchase, instructs users to contact iTunes Support in order to complete the transaction. Read on to find out what are the steps that you can do if you ever experience this problem.

The App Store or iTunes Store is where you can buy contents such as Books, Music, Apps, and Movies among others using your Apple ID. There are instances when purchasing something on the App Store that you may be asked to have your credit card and billing information reviewed. It is usually after this step that users then encounter the error message. Often, those who are trying to buy apps or other content, free or paid, are the ones likely to experience this.

Why it must be resolved

It is important not to ignore this issue and get it resolved as soon as possible because until it is sorted, you cannot download or install in-apps, apps, and other content from the iTunes store. An important step that you should do when sorting out the error message is to Sign Out your Apple ID from the iTunes and App Stores on your device. Once you have successfully signed out, try signing in again.

Multiple devices signed in

Another possible reason why you are experiencing the problem may be because you have several Apple devices that are sharing the same iTunes account. This isn’t unusual as a lot of people have the same iTunes account signed on for their iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

To resolve the problem, all you need to do is access iTunes and App Stores through the Settings on your iOS device. Click on the Your Apple ID option and choose View Apple ID. Note that you may be asked to sign in, in which case just provide your sign in details.

Once signed in, you will see the Accounts Settings page. Select Payment Information and re-enter your Security or CVV code. Make sure to verify your billing address too before tapping Done.

Resetting the buying and downloading warnings

You may also try to fix the issue from your computer. G First, you need to go to iTunes and select Store and Account. You will be redirected to your Account page. Look for the link that allows you to reset the downloading and buying warnings, click that, and select Reset.

Wrong default location on App Store settings

Another possibility why you are experiencing the error message may be due to the default location settings on your App Store. To ensure that the settings are correct, check if you have selected the appropriate country. You will need to accept the terms and conditions. You will also need a valid payment method for the appropriate country that you have selected.

Resetting the App Store location settings

If you want to reset the location settings for your App Store from your iOS device, go to the iTunes and App Store, select Your Apple ID and then sign in using your Apple ID and your password. Once signed in, go to View Apple ID and look for the Payment Information option. Look for the Country/Region setting and make sure that your correct location is reflected and change it if it is showing the wrong information.

When changing your location, do not forget to accept the Terms and Conditions. You will be asked to provide a valid payment method too. See to it that it matches the country or region that you have selected.

To change the location on your computer, you will need to access iTunes and go to Store. Select Account and then click on View My Account. You should see a section that says Apple ID Summary. Look for the setting that says Country/Region. If the information is incorrect, click the option where it says Change Country/Region. Follow the instructions provided and this should resolve the issue.

Accessing the iTunes/App Store to try and purchase or download an app can be frustrating when you find yourself unable to complete the purchase due to an error message. More often than not though, the issue may be due to incorrect Settings. Knowing what to do and which entries to correct should sort the issue.

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