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How to Fix Powerbeats 3 Blinks White And Red While It Charges

It can be frustrating when you find that your powerbeats 3 are not charging. This can be especially true if you see a red and white blinking light while it is plugged on an electrical source. If you are wondering how to fix this, then you are on the right page.

What the White & Red Blinking Lights Mean on Powerbeats 3

If you see blinking red and white lights on your powerbeats 3, it means that it is not charging. Here are some solutions that you can try to resolve this issue.

1st Solution: Restart your Device

  1. Locate the Power button of your powerbeats. Press and hold it for a few minutes until it turns off.
  2. Wait for a while, then try to turn on your powerbeats 3 again.

2nd Solution: Reset your Device

  1. In order to do this, press and hold the volume down button and the power button of your powerbeats simultaneously. Wait until you see a flashing light.
  2. Try to pair the device
  3. After that, plug your powerbeats to an electrical outlet and try to see if it is charging.

3rd Solution: Use the Remote to Restart your device

Some users say that this method works. In order to do this, do the following:

  1. Simply press the center remote button and the power button simultaneously. Note that the center remote button is also called the mute button by some users. Hold onto the buttons until your powerbeats turn on.
  2. Plug your powerbeats on an electrical outlet and try to see if it is charging or not.

4th Solution: Make sure that there’s no water damage on your device

  1. If your device has water or sweat damage, there’s a big chance that it will not power on.
  2. If you have discovered any water damage, keep your device on a warm and dry place. Leave it for a few days.
  3. After waiting, try to plug your device on an electrical source and see if it works
  4. If it is still not charging, try to leave the earphones on the charger for two days. Try to see if it turns on.

5th Solution: Leave your Powerbeats Alone for a Few Days

Some people say that leaving their powerbeats 3 alone for a few days or weeks will allow enough time for the device to rest.

  1. Wait until your powerbeats 3 are battery empty.
  2. Try to connect it to an electrical outlet and see if it starts charging.

6th Solution: Update your Earphones

  1. You can download the update through your Mac or Windows computer. The program is called the beats updater.
  2. Click on the Beats Updater if you are finished installing it.
  3. Turn on your Powerbeats 3.
  4. Plug your powerbeats to your Mac by using a USB cable.
  5. Go to the Menu Bar and select the status icon.
  6. Look for the name of your device. You will be redirected to the powerbeats 3 updater website.
  7. Simply click Update and follow the Instructions

In order to make the update of the firmware successful, you should have at least a 20% battery on your device.

7th Solution: Forget Device on iPhone

If you already did the pairing of your powerbeats, you can “forget” it by doing the following:

  1. Go to your iPhone’s Settings. Click Bluetooth
  2. Check if the Bluetooth is connected and the powerbeats are paired.
  3. Click the info symbol that is located next to your powerbeats 3.
  4. Just simply tap on the Forget this Device option.
  5. Tap the Confirm button
  6. Try to connect the powerbeats to its charger and to an electrical outlet to see if it charges.

8th Solution: Remove the Powerbeats’ Battery

Some of the users say that this solution worked for them.

  1. Remove the powerbeats 3’s battery.
  2. Leave it off for about 1 to 2 weeks.
  3. After waiting, put back the battery.
  4. Try to connect the powerbeats to a charger and an electrical outlet
  5. See if it is charging.

9th Solution Update Your Powerbeats 3 Earphones

On your Mac PC, download the beats updater app and install it.

Open your application and power on your device.

Connect the earphones and the PC using the micro USB cable.

Navigate to the menu option on your beats updater and select the status icon.

Select the name for your powerbeats 3 and follow the opening website.

Select the update option and follow the prompts.

Your device should have a battery percentage of not less than 20% to facilitate the process.

Use another Charger

If the charger has a problem, your powerbeats will have a charging problem.

Make sure that the power cable that you are using is designed for powerbeats 3.

If you have another charger, you can try to use it, but if you do not have one, you should buy it.

Check the Socket

In some cases, the socket may have been damaged or not clear. Make sure that your powerbeats 3 plug is clear and that it has not been damaged.


If your powerbeats 3 s still not charging after you do all the steps above, you might want the help of an Apple support expert on this. You can leave a feedback on their website and let them know what the issue is. You can also visit an Apple Store and let them check your powerbeats 3.


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