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How To Fix Slow iCloud Keychain Passwords/Forms Autofill On Mac Fix

At times, when you are using Mac to enter your password on the Keychain, the device becomes unresponsive. A spinning wheel appears and the delay noticed is unexplainable. Moreover, the circle that indicates that the device is loading stops and the macOS stops responding to your commands. This prompts you to think that the Keychain is not properly functioning on your device. It is very annoying when you are experiencing a slow password or login screen, especially when in a hurry. Due to this lag, filling the password using keychain takes an eternity. In this article, you will learn in detail about how you can solve such a problem.


Check the Apple Support System Status Webpage

The first thing that you should do when you are having such a problem is to check the status page of your Apple system. This page refers to a site where the Apple services status information is provided in real-time. It is good to note that it is rare for Apple to experience complications. If some of the services provided by Apple are experiencing complications, it would be a lot easier to relax because such problems get solved immediately. It implies that if your keychain complications have been there for sometimes, other factors are the most probable cause.

If you want your problems to be addressed by Apple Support, you can follow the link http://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/ to connect to the Apple Support system status webpage. In the site, you will be able to check if any outages are being experienced by iCloud Keychain. However, this might not be the case because the functionality of iCloud might not be experiencing problems on other devices. if the problem is only experienced in your mac, it means that your device is experiencing problems when executing iCloud Keychain. However, you can always solve this problem by following the key steps explained below


How to solve the iCloud Keychain problems

The first thing that you need to do is to sign out of your iCloud and then sign in once more. On your mac, you need to select the menu option and navigate to the system preferences.

Select the iCloud option and navigate to the sign-out option.

The process may take several processes for it to be executed successfully. Therefore, keenly follow the onscreen instructions. When you manage to sign out, re-navigate to the system menu. Identify the System Preferences option and select it. On the sign-in option, enter your Apple password and ID. This process at times might not work. When this happens, you can try an alternative method.


Update macOS

The iCloud Keychain problems might be arising from an outdated macOS. Essentially, you will be required to update this OS to the latest version.


How to update macOS

To update your macOS, navigate to the device menu. On the menu, select the system preferences option. On the menu that pops up, look for the system software update option and select it. If you are connected to the internet, your macOS will start updating automatically. Wait until the system update is complete. Launch the iCloud Keychain and try entering the passwords. If this does not work, you can try the Keychain First Aid method.


Keychain First Aid

There before, Apple had introduced a Keychain First Aid tool meant to solve the iCloud Keychain problems. The tool runs the diagnostics, identifies the problem and solves it instantly. Unfortunately, when the OS X EL Capitan (macOS 10.11.2) was launched, this feature was removed. However, you can use this tool if your mac is running on an older version of the OS.


If your iCloud Keychain is experiencing problems, it is advisable to look for a way to solve it. However, before then, try accessing the Keychain from another Apple device. If it is working on the other devices, you only have to solve the problem on your Mac by using the Keychain First Aid tool, signing out and then into your Apple account or updating your macOS software


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