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How To Check Apple System Status – Apple Services Online Or Offline, Store, & iCloud

Technology isn’t perfect, even though it seems so because of its dramatic improvement over the past 10 years. With Apple as the leader of sleek, high-tech, and pricey smartphones and other smart devices, customers expect nothing but the best as well as very little malfunctions.

Checking Apple for Information 


The first step in discovering the root of an issue with your Apple devices is to check the System Status website:



This will explain the reason for various issues such as apps crashing or failing to download, iCloud and iTunes malfunctions, and more. Checking this website first will inform you if the malfunction is stemming from Apple, not from your specific device. However, if there’s nothing listed on the site related to your issue, you will need to troubleshoot more.


Apple System Status Page 


Apple’s System Status page has been in use since 2013 and is dedicated to informing users of issues that may arise and affect multiple devices.


The System Status page offers a chart of recent malfunctions, announcements on maintenance, and when maintenance is completed.


How to Troubleshoot if the Issue Isn’t Caused by Apple


Let’s say your iPhone freezes, won’t update, or has a frozen or black screen. These are very common issues that are not often caused by Apple; it is usually an issue with your device. The option of calling Apple is always available if you’re truly stuck. However, if you want to skip the trouble of talking on the phone, here are some potential solutions for you:


iPhone Freezes


Restart your iPhone. This will end all tasks that are causing your phone to freeze. To do this, hold the power and home button down together.


iPhone Won’t Update


Connect your iPhone to a computer and restart the phone. An update option should appear on the phone. If it doesn’t, you will have to restore your iPhone, meaning wiping it of all data which will often update it.


iPhone Has a Frozen or Black Screen


Try restarting your phone by holding down the power and home buttons. If this fails, try charging it to see if the power screen appears. If your frozen screen is related to physical damage, this means you will likely have to replace the screen.

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