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How to Contact Apple Online Live Chat Support Team- Getting Live Chat Help from Apple

While Apple products are designed to be user friendly, problems inevitably come up. Be it setup questions or troubleshooting, everyone needs a little help now and again, and Apple’s customer support is varied, helping ensure you get the support you need and want. Though some of us are happy to read from a FAQ list, sometimes we need a little more help, and for many, Apple’s live chat support is a perfect solution.

What is live chat?

Simply put: live chat is a real-time message conversation with someone from Apple’s support team. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the comfort of your home or office; no need to make an appointment or wait for calls and emails. Live chat makes solving problems faster, convenient and more responsive to your needs.

What can I get help with?

Like the Genius Bar, the Apple support team is well equipped to help you with the entire lineup of products and services Apple provides. In addition, these professionals can help resolve issues with many of the most popular apps and services frequently used by Apple customers.

How do I get started?

  1. First, head over to Apple’s website www.apple.com.
    1. If possible do this from a device other than the one you need help with so that you don’t have to close the chat window.
  1. Click the words Contact Support, on the right side, just below the top banner.
  1. Scroll through Talk to Us on the left and click the blue Get Help link.
  1. Specify which product you are using. If you have multiple products, choose the one you use most often to begin.
  1. Next, customize the support you receive. Find the right topic area and then particular issue for your needs. Once clicked, a third sub-list will display. If none of the topics apply, click on the tab titled The Problem is Not Listed Here and, when prompted, write a brief description of the issue.
  1. Finally, at the How to get Help page, there will be a variety of boxes shown, based on the problem and products you have selected.
    1. Usually, the word recommended in green will appear above the best way to get help with the problem, although any of the options are available.
    2. Chat will specifically list a wait time as well.

I’ve selected live chat, now what?

At this point, you will be asked to login. To do this you will need your Apple ID and password OR the serial or IMEI number from the product.

To find the serial number, try:

Settings or Menu

  • General
  • About

Finding your Apple ID varies greatly based on the product and OS you are using, but generally look via:


  • Accounts
  • iCloud or iTunes Store
  • Apple ID

Once inputted, the next available support person will make contact. This can take several minutes, so don’t panic if it’s not immediate. From this point on, simply answer the questions and follow the directions provided by support.

Is live chat available everywhere?

Unfortunately, while Apple live chat is a quick, easy way to answers, it does not necessarily work in all countries or all situations. For some, Apple’s other support solutions – email and in-store support – have to suffice. While not quite as fast as live chat support, whether you call in directly, send an email or make an appointment in-store, rest assured that Apple support will get you the answers you need.


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