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How To Delete Your Apple ID

Okay, so, say one day you wake up, and you realize you want to delete your Apple ID/account for some reason. I don’t know, perhaps you tried to use another email associated with yourself but you can’t without now having two accounts. Whatever the reason is, one day you decide it was time to delete the account and you want to do it.

Wait, Can You Even Delete Your ID?

Yes, yes, you can. It was initially impossible to do, but recently Apple released an update that allows users to delete their ID if they so choose. However, by doing something like that, you lose access to everything and anything associated with that particular account, same with everything you would want to do with it in the future.

Before diving into the article, let me just say that you should think very, very carefully on this decision, my friends. If you choose to go ahead with the deletion process, please understand that this is unchangeable, and you will never, ever, ever be able to undo the deletion process once you have initiated it. So, do think about it before going through with it. Now, with that said, let us go over briefly on what you will lose upon doing it.

What Happens When You Delete Your ID?

Here is what happens when you delete your ID account. You will lose access to various Apple-sponsored products like FaceTime, Apple Pay, iMessage, and other useful cross-platform features that we have come to appreciate using in our lives today.

Any subscriptions that you have that are directly tied to your Apple ID will be canceled post-haste. Not to mention your iMessage and iCloud email will be eradicated and removed alongside your subscriptions.

Another thing that you will lose out (and arguably the biggest one of them all) is any purchases on that account, music, movies, TV show episodes and seasons, books and everything else in-between. You will lose everything, and there will be no way to reverse the actions you have taken. This reason alone is why you need to seriously contemplate your decision to go with this plan or not, as you will lose out on any content you own.

Regardless, this is an article on how to go through the process of deleting one’s Apple ID, not just listing what happens after the fact. So, let us dive headfirst into the subject and figure out the process on how you can permanently delete your ID, friends. So, let us get to it and see what it is we can do for those who just feel it is time to delete their ID for whatever reason.



How To Delete Your Apple ID?

If you are keen on proceeding with this process, then you will need to go to this website right here. Clicking on that specific link will take you to their leading site where you can sign in to your Apple ID.

You will want to go to “Data and Privacy” and click on the Manage Your “Data and Privacy” option down below on the options menu. As a security feature, you will potentially need to sign in again and agree to Apples ID & Policy by hitting continue.

Now, next, you will come across a few choices. One choice will allow you to get a digital copy of all of your data; you might need to do this as a means of a backup and to ensure that you still have some of your data in some shape or form. The other two options will either let you temporarily deactivate your account, or delete your account.

Temporarily deactivating your account will not delete it, it will just put it on pause until you are ready to resume. The latter, well, the latter will delete your account, and it is the one we want if you want to go ahead with the process.

After clicking on the Request to delete your account option, you will see a page where everything will be explained to you. You will also be prompted to tell why you want to delete your account like with other services out there.

Once more, you will be asked if you want to do this, you can still back out on the deletion process if you wish. If you still need to do this, you have to agree to the Terms & Conditions which are there to explain various functions and legalities about the act you are about to undergo.

Additionally, once you are through this part, you will get a unique generated code. This code will help you work with and contact Apple’s customer support if necessary. You can also contact them with the code and request that they stop/undo the deletion request, which they can if you request BEFORE they delete your account.

So, even if you go through this, you still have time to stop the process from happening as it usually takes Apple a week to review and process the request. That is why you will want to keep that code on you in some form or another, in case you want to stop the process or have other questions revolving around your request.

Once you have done that, you are now done. If you intend to let the process go through unabated, you do not need to do anything else. However, if by chance you decide that you want to keep your account, you can use that code to contact them and request them to stop.


Final Thoughts And Opinions

I hope this short article of ours was both informative and exciting for everyone. Regardless of the reason someone might have for wanting to delete their Apple ID, we hope this article helps them out. Thank you, and have a beautiful day.


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