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How To Disable Update Adobe Flash Player Notifications

Usually, Adobe Flash Player automatically checks if there is an update available and ready to download. A box with the words “An update to your Adobe Flash Player is available” flashes on your screen to notify you that the update is ready for you to install; and the seemingly never ending on screen notifications can be so bothering and irritating.

Being interrupted by the update notifications can be so exhausting and frustrating especially when you’re in the middle of an important work – it will distract you and put you in a cranky mood. There will come a time you’ll throw your hands in the air and would want to scream “IVE HAD ENOUGH!”

Update Options

With the notification, Adobe notification will leave you with two options:

The choices are either Remind Me Later or Download.

Remind Me Later Option

If you dare to pick the option “Remind Me Later”, you will constantly be reminded with popups every hour. It is practically useless.

Download Option

With choosing the Download option, Adobe Flash will simply download and install, but it will be a hassle and will cause even more irritation while waiting for it to finish.

So, you will either have to endure distracting popups every 60 minutes, or you will have to update.

Disabling the notification

By default, Adobe Flash Player will check for updates once every week, unless the settings is customized otherwise.

If you’re reading this and you’re a mac user, take heart! This article will guide and help you on disabling that annoying Adobe Flash update notification.

To start off, you have to modify your settings. It’s pretty simple. This is what you should do:

1. On your Mac, go to System Preferences. You can open System Preferences by either clicking the System Preferences icon located in the dock or going to the Apple Menu on the top left of your mac and then select System Preferences.

2. Look for the Flash Player icon and click it.

3. Once it has opened, go to the Updates tab.

4. The update section is responsible for all the annoyances and grief you’ve been feeling. In that section, you will be presented with three choices:

a. Allow Adobe to install updates: Allowing Adobe Flash Player to install updates

b. Notify me to install updates: if this was checked off prior the settings, this is the reason you’ve been getting all the constant notifications and popups

c. Never check for updates: You’re basically telling Flash Player to back off

5. If you want Adobe to install updates without letting you know, pick the first option; but, if you don’t want any updates, click the last option. Pick whichever option that is best and convenient for you.

6. Selecting the last option will result in another popup that says, “System Preferences is trying to install a new helper tool”. If your Mac is protected with a password, you may have to enter your password.

7. Once you are done entering your Admin Password, select Install Helper.

8. Now, you are free from any Adobe Flash update notification! You are all set!

Manual Flash Player Update

Now that you have disabled your automatic update notifications, it is advised to check for updates occasionally, instead. Just simply reopen the Flash Player Updates section, and then select “Check Now”. If there’s an update available upon checking, click Yes to download and install if you would want to.

Uninstalling Flash Player

If you are not pleased with your experience with Adobe Flash Player and wish to get rid of it, you may uninstall it completely from your Mac.


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