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How To Fix An iPhone Screen When It Does Not Rotate Or Turn?

So, Your iPhone Screen Is Not Turning? How Do You Fix That Then?

So, that overly-expensive iPhone is not rotating correctly anymore, and now you are panicking because that might mean something is wrong with the phone, and you may have to see about returning it or getting it replaced.

Well, first off, it is okay; there is no need to make that appointment with a local phone store yet. There are ways to fix it, and we are going to go over those potential fixes before having to take it back and or getting it replaced with a new version of the phone.

First, Figuring Out Where And If It Will Rotate

This one is a bit obvious, but where are you trying to rotate the screen? Some apps and programs only support either portrait or landscape and will auto-correct your phone’s rotation to that supported mode.

In hindsight, this is rather obvious as not every app developer can make their programs work with both orientations in mind, so often they will stick to just one or the other out of convenience for both themselves and their audiences. Or not, many apps are compatible with both orientations at the same time; it is just a matter of what is possible for them.

If you cannot rotate the screen while using specific apps, but can for others like (Youtube, Netflix, an internet browser, calculator, etc.) then there is nothing wrong with the phone, it is just how the app is programmed to operate.

Okay, But What If It Is Not That?

However, what if it is with the phone as a whole? Like nothing can rotate? Every app, every program, what can you do if it is not just a few separate apps, but the entire phone as a whole? What do you do when it is the phone? Not a few apps?

Well, if that is the case, the next thing I recommend checking is the options menu itself, the Control Center. There is a good chance you, or an update, might have turned on the anti-rotate option in the Control Center by mistake.

If I am honest, the CC is the first place I would recommend checking before doing anything else; God knows I have hit that button a few times while looking through the options. So, yeah, double-check it and see if maybe you disabled screen rotation by mistake.

Are There Any Other Options To Try?

If you are still having problems, then there are other methods to employ. If you went through the Control Center and everything looks okay from that end, and once more it is not just specific programs and apps, then the next idea to try would be to shut off the phone and give it a few minutes before restarting it.

Sometimes just restarting a device is all someone needs to do, it gives the phone a means of calmly restarting everything, clearing itself up and getting everything back up and running. However, I understand that still might not be the answer, and so, if need be, time for surgery!

And by surgery, I mean remove the battery and or the memory card. This might seem a bit overboard, but it can once again give you another method of trying to force the phone to correct itself. (Also that might be another idea to employ, try inserting a new SIM card in the phone and see if that works.) Hopefully, this option fixes the problem.

What If The Phone Is STILL Not Rotating Correctly?

Sadly, at this point, if you are still having issues with your phone, then I only have two other options left to offer.

Option One: Just let it go. If the phone itself is still working (the current problem notwithstanding) then maybe just let it go? If you do not care that you cannot change the orientation of your phone, then maybe everything will be okay, especially if it does not change how you use your phone regularly.

Option Two: If you cannot ignore the problem, or you want/need it fixed, then the only other option I can personally recommend is Apple’s customer service. By contacting them, they can further help you diagnose the problem with your phone, and if not, perhaps they can help you replace it.

These are the only other two options I can think of that might work for some people. There might be other options I missed, like hard resetting your phone or leaving it off for a little while; but these are the options I could think of that might solve this problem for some people.

Final Thoughts And Opinions.

I do hope this short article of ours help some people out if they are having this problem with their iPhones. These devices in our pockets, as powerful and capable as they are, they do sadly break on us at times. In the end, we can only hope to either patch them up with guides like this or see them replaced with something that will last us even longer than before.

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