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How To Fix The Activity App When It Is Not Working Properly?  

So, Your Activity App Is On The Fritz, Huh? Well, Let Us Take A Look Together.

So, your Activity App is on the fritz, and you are unsure of what is wrong with the device or why it has stopped working correctly. Well, do not worry or panic as there are methods to fix your device potentially, and we are going to go over these very same methods in this short article of ours.

So, with that out of the way, let us start explaining what the problem is and how we can go about fixing the problem.

Why Is This Happening?

Well, to answer that would be to answer why any electronic device or app fails to work correctly. Given how the app works, it collects data and information and transmits it over to your phone and Apple Watch. The thought of the matter is that you can use this data to optimize your workout time efficiently, giving you the information and the power you need to work at your own pace.

However, things can happen; errors pop up that stops this data from being transmitted correctly. The app itself can freeze and stutter, thus causing slow-downs and frustrations. This can also point to the worrying realization that the app and your phone are no longer speaking to one another; thus meaning we need to try to fix it, and here is how.

Troubleshooting Your Problems.

One of the first things I am sure you will check is your battery, if not, please double-check it to make sure if it is not low or nearly dead.

Once you check on your battery, (and charge if it is critical), then I recommend moving towards the options and checking on the airplane settings. Turn on Airplane Mode and then, after a minute or two, turn it back on to see if that resolves the connection issue. I recommend doing this for both your Apple Watch and your iPhone, just to make sure all bases are covered.

If this does not resolve the problems you are facing, my next recommendation is to try restarting both of your devices. Give them both a few minutes to rest and then restart them both.

After restarting both devices, this would be an excellent time to check on your updates and make sure your phone, watch, and apps are all up-to-date.

If all of the previous methods do not resolve the problems you are still facing, then it is time to close the Activity App and restart your phone, watch, everything. Let us attempt this one more time before going to the final two options that I have available for this situation.

The Final Two Options.

If attempting everything in the previous sections does not result in success, then I suggest unparing the two devices and then resynching them together. By going this route, it is effectively telling the two devices to talk to each other once more, forcing them apart only to reunite the two in joyous celebration once more.

However, if this last option fails to yield results, the only option I can recommend is Apple’s support center. If you cannot get the app to work correctly, then the only other option I can think of is their support agents. By setting up an appointment, they can be better equipped to handle these kinds of situations if the methods above fail, or if what you have done failed.

This is sadly the only other option I can recommend for people who might be experiencing these problems with their phones and or watches.

I always hate the idea of not being able to help everyone with their technical problems and leaving it up too just call tech support if these other options fail to yield results, but I sadly cannot offer any other ideas to fix this problem.

Final Thoughts And Opinions.

I do hope this article of ours provides valued assistance to those in need of it. Having tech problems such as these can be annoying, if not devastating, depending on the problem and individual. I can only hope that these methods do help resolve the problems, and if not, then I can only hope Apple can further help the situation via their agents.

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