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How To Fix “Your Account Has Been Disabled” Message in App Store & iTunes

So, Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled, huh? How Do You Fix That?

What to do when your Apple ID has been disabled, and you cannot for the life of you log back in? First off, it is okay, do not panic, there are ways to fix this error, and we are going to go over these fixes in this short article of ours.

What Exactly Does This Error Entell?

Well, it is a rather significant error, without a functioning and working Apple ID, many of Apple’s services and apps are locked and or limited. Apps such as Facetime and iMessage are locked without a working ID, and other apps such as iTunes have reduced functionality, so getting this error fixed is very much important.

At the same time, without a working Apple ID, users will not be able to buy or rent anything from their stores, including music, movies, TV shows, and other products and services.

How Do We Fix It Then?

Okay, first off, check your login credentials. As a safety precaution, Apple (and many other companies and services) will lock you out of your account if someone enters the wrong information too many times. You can generally try again after about a day or two.

The next step to try is to go here. By going to this link, you can start the process of unlocking your locked account. The process will take a few minutes as it will ask you a series of questions to determine if the account belongs to you. Once you have answered the questions, continue to follow the instructions as laid out before you to unlock your account.

Of course, if this does not work, you can attempt to reset your password, but Apple has made it a bit more complicated then other password recovery systems. For one, unlike other systems where you just need your email address, for Apple, you will need to have a trusted device, (I recommend your phone since it is always something you will have on you) but that is just me. From there, you can follow the instructions that will further assist you in recovering your account.

However, if this does not work, or you run into more problems, then the only other option available for this particular matter is customer support. Contact them, and they can further help you with recovering your account.


Is That It?

Unfourtantly, yes, this is partially by design as the more ways there are to recover an account, the more ways hackers and thieves can potentially gain access to accounts, so to help protect users privacy and accounts, there are generally only ever one to two ways to recover lost or locked accounts.

However, what is there are generally helpful and straightforward methods of recovering an account. That is why if something happens, contacting and talking to a customer support agent is usually one of the best ways to recover locked accounts.

Final Thoughts And Opinions.

While this article is a very short one, I do hope it offers some insight on how to recover a locked/disabled account from Apple. Yes, it is very annoying when something like this happens, but do not panic as there are systems in place to help you recover your account, you just have to follow them.

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