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How to Fix your iOS 10 Message Alerts Not Working?

Some Apple users have reported experiencing problems with their SMS and iMessage notifications after having upgraded their device to iOS 10.

The purpose of the notifications is to alert you with a sound, on-screen, or vibration alert so you know when you receive your messages. If these alerts are not working for you – whether you are not receiving a notification at all or the sound is not working – there are a few methods, you can try to solve this.

Check Your “Do Not Disturb” Settings

There are a few easy things to check in these settings first.

  • Make sure “Do Not Disturb” is turned off by going to your settings then selecting “Do Not Disturb”.
  • If the contact has a small moon next to their icon in iMessages, then they are on “Do Not Disturb”; you can turn this off by going to the Details tab.

Send & Receive

This step is to make sure the messages are not being sent to your email instead. You can check this by going to your settings then selecting Message and Send & Receive. Unselect your email address if it was selected in this menu. Make sure only your phone number has been selected.

Notifications Center

This will make your notifications not appear directly on your phone. To fix this, go to your settings. Select “Notifications” then “Messages”. Here you will see the option to turn off “Show in Notification Center.” Make sure it is of then check to see if it works.

Force Restart

Sometimes all your device needs is some rest and to feel like new. You can force your device to restart by pressing and holding down the home and on/off buttons until the Apple logo appears and it starts up again.

Turn Off Then Restart

This, for some reason, has worked well for some users. You go to your settings and select “Notifications and Messages.” Make sure you have “Allow Notifications” turned off.

After this has been done, force restart your device. Go back to your setting and turn “Allow Notifications” back on.

Ringer and Alerts

This can play a huge role as to why you aren’t receiving notifications. Go to Settings then select “Sound” Here you can check to see if “Ringer and Alerts” has been muted. It may be muted, which would cause the notifications to not make a sound. Slide the volume up higher so you can hear them from now on.


These have been many of the ways users have found that fix their problems with their iMessage notification system. As you can tell, restarting is a nice and easy way to fix it most of the time. Even just closing out of the app from your recently opened apps section can help to fix this problem.

Out of these many available methods to fix this issue, one of them is bound to work and fix your iMessage system. Hopefully from now on, you can hear your message alerts perfectly.

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