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How to Hide or Delete bought Music on iPhone or iPad

Some users want to keep their music and playlists private. This can be understandable. With some, they don’t simply want others to see their purchased music. If you want to know how to delete or hide your music, then this article is for you.

Learn to Disable or Turn Off your iPhone Music’s “Show All” Option

Follow these steps in order to hide your music

  1. Go to your iPhone’s settings. Click on the iTunes and App Store option
  2. Go to the Show All tab. Under the tab, just simply disable the Music button by making sure that it is colored gray.
  3. This button removes all the tracks that were purchased from your iTunes so that there won’t be any matches. If the music is already downloaded in your iPhone, you won’t be able to remove that particular track.

Delete Music via Settings

Before doing this step, make sure to make a backup your iOS device using iTunes. This is a really important step that you don’t want to miss.

  1. Go to your iPhone’s Settings. Click on the General Tab. Select the Usage option.
  2. Look for the music section.
  3. Under the label that shows All Music, swipe the button to the left. You will be presented with an option to Delete.
  4. After this, simply go to your Settings. Select iTunes and App Store. Then select the Show All Music option.

Deleting all the Music that You Bought from iTunes

  1. Go to your Mac computer.
  2. Under the iTunes menu bar, select Store. Click the sign in button. If you have already logged in, click the View Account option.
  3. Log in using your Apple ID and password if you were not able to do so in the past.
  4. Go to the home icon that is located in the top bar labeled the iTunes Store.
  5. Select the Purchased option under the Quick Links menu.
  6. For the content type, just simply click Music. (Note that the content type can be found on the iTunes drop down window.)
  7. Simply click the X button on each song to hide music.
  8. Delete tracks using the cloud button.
  9. Make sure to sync your iTunes library to your device.


If you are sure that you want to delete all music to free up valuable space, then you can follow the above steps.

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