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How To Install Apps On Older Devices Older Versions Of iOS

You Have An Older IOS/Mac-Device, Huh? Okay.

Okay, so, you have in your hand an older iOS device, huh? Possibly a phone or a tablet that you are satisfied with? The device works as intended, and there is no need as of right now to spend money on a brand new tablet or device when your current one works perfectly.

However, at the same time, by sticking with an older generation/model, you are not able to run or operate any of the newer apps and programs on the storefront because you are running with an outdated version of iOS, one that Apple and some developers do not regularly support anymore.

What Happens When You Try To Install An App Like That?

Of course, when you try to install an app that requires an IOS that you do not have, you will get an error that states the following: this application requires iOS {insert version here} or later. You must update to iOS {insert version here} in order to download and use this application.

Now, if you ask me, this is a pointless message to tell the consumer. What is the point in telling the customer they need an iOS that they cannot possibly get on that particular device? Especially since you cannot update to the newest iOS since the device itself is not capable of it.

So, that is it, huh? Pretty cut-and-dry. You cannot use or operate any of these apps without upgrading. Well, no, not precisely. We are going to explore the possible ways to get around this issue in this article of ours; else why would we even be talking about the subject if it was that cut-and-dry?

So, What Are We Going To Do?

Okay, so updating to the newest iSO is out of the question, however, that does not mean you cannot download a version of the app on your device.

Many apps and programs have different compatible versions of itself available for people to download, like Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, and among many others. These are there so people can still potentially access their content, even if not all the new features are there as a trade-off.

So, if you have some apps that you purchased for one reason or another, like for a family or friend, you might still be able to download those particular apps and programs since you have already previously purchased them at one point or another.

If that is the case, this is how you can go about potentially downloading a compatible version of the app that you have purchased beforehand.

  • Make sure you are logged into the account that has made the purchased before.
  • Open up the App Store and find the My Purchases in the Purchased tab.
  • Find the app that you wish to install and tap on the iCloud
  • A pop-up will appear inquiring if you would like to download an older version of the app. Stating that the current version requires the newest version to download, but you can download the compatible version instead.
  • Click on download and the download will commence.

Now, what if you never bought the app before but still want to use it in some form or function? What can you possibly do if you are in this situation?

Well, this one can be a bit trickier to do since it requires you have access to the required iOS version (if not the newest version currently out.) So, if you do not have access to a device that is of the same or newer iOS, then sadly there is not much you can do about it.

However, if you do, whether it is from a friend or family member, then we can proceed with the other option.

  • Sign in on the new device (whether it is your own, friends, or someone else that you know), and login onto the App Store and proceed to buy and download the app onto the device.
  • Upon doing that, pick up your old device that you wish to install the app on, you will now see the app you purchase on the previous device via your Purchased
  • Like before, click on the iCloud icon and download the app on your device.
  • Seconds later, the app should start installing, like always.

A Word Of Caution.

Now, I like to preference this by saying that this method might not work for every app. This will only work if the program is still available on the store itself, and the developer did not delete it.

I just thought I should mention this at the end in case there is an app that will not download even after trying either of these methods.

Final Thoughts And Opinions.

Thank you for reading our short guide, and I hope it has provided the readers with a better understanding of the topic. Sometimes we do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on upgrading to something new when our older generations still work; I completely understand and relate to that feeling myself.

At the same time, I can understand the frustration of not being able to download an app just because you do not have access to a specific version of the operating system like others do. Because of that, I hope this article serves as a method of softening that frustration until you are ready to proceed to the newer generations.




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