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How to Reset Your Password on Notes for iOS

On all Apple devices, important or personal Notes can be locked using a password. These can be convenient and helpful features, but can also be problematic if you forget your password, and don’t have Touch ID or Face ID set up. Extra security for your notes can be helpful, but what can you do when you forget your password? Read the following.

Check Software Version

First, check to make sure your device is running the upgraded version of iOS software. And you will be able to check if it’s up to date. Simply go to Settings, and then General and lastly to Software Update. Your device will tell you if you have the latest version. If you haven’t already, turn Automatic Updates on.

Resetting Password on iPhone/iPad

  1. Open Settings, then Notes.
  2. Click Password.
  3. If you remember your original password, you can change it. Select Change Password, and you will be prompted to enter your old password, then type a new one. If you can’t remember your old password, select Reset Password.
  4. Enter your Apple ID password, then click OK. You’ll be asked to confirm, then tap Reset Password.
  5. Create a new password. Add a hint in case you need help remembering it.
  6. Click Done.


Resetting Password on Mac

  1. On your Mac, launch the Notes app, found under Applications.

You can also type “notes” into Spotlight Search.

  1. At the top left of your screen, select Notes, click Preferences.
  2. Select Reset Password.
  3. Enter your iCloud Apple ID and password. Click OK.
  4. Now, you can enter your new password. Consider adding a hint in case you forget it.
  5. Click Set Password.


Touch & Face ID

If you forget your password often, set up Touch ID or Face ID. You won’t have to type in your password every time you unlock your Notes. All you need is your face or fingerprint for access.


Need more help?

If you need further assistance resetting your password on your Apple device, consider contacting Apple Support. Apple also provides free live chat with an Apple representative. If you want help in person, make a reservation at the Genius Bar.



To close, if you forget your Notes password, don’t feel overwhelmed. Try these steps to reset it so you can regain access to your content. If you need professional assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to Apple directly so they can assist you.

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