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How to Tell Which iPad Model You Have

So, you are considering buying an iPad, or you just bought one. That’s great! An iPad is a nifty tool, whether it be for business, school, or for pleasure! However, have you done your research into what kind of iPad you have, or which one you want?

Knowing what kind of model iPad, you have can be very important, especially when purchasing a new iPad, or seeking repairs. If you know the difference between the models, it can help you decide just how much you are willing to pay for one, or how much you can sell your old one for. Not to mention, if you need to get repairs, knowing the model might be able to help you figure out the price for repairs.

Good thing it is an easy thing to learn! Here is the easiest way to identify the model of an iPad:

  • Flip your iPad over and look at the backside. If you look down at the very bottom, towards the center, you will see the word “iPad.”

    • Below that, you will find the amount of storage space it has (between 16, 32, or 64GB). Then below that, you will find some fine print, filled with details about the iPad.

  • The first line will say, “Designed by Apple in California.” This line is followed by the word “Model,” as well as a 5-character model number.

    • You will know it is the right number because it will start with the letter “A.” Here is an example of an iPad model number:

    • Model A1430,” which is a 3rd Gen, 64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular model.

  • Write down that model number. With it, you can check Apple’s listing of iPad models, on this website:

    • This listing will tell you the generation and release date of your iPad, plus whether it is a Wi-Fi only model, or a Wi-Fi + Cellular model.

Like I said, it is easy! Hopefully this information will help in the future! If you already have an iPad, I hope you enjoy it! If not, happy shopping!

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