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How To Set Your Ringtone Without iTunes On iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

The Game Changer

In the year 2007 Apple Inc. released its first mobile phone device called “iPhone” together with its other line of products such as the iPod Touch, and iPad. It brings a huge success for the company, gaining the title “a game changer for the industry”.

Nothing is Perfect

As years passed by it grew its popularity to a much higher level, until to this day. But even with this kind of accomplishments, there are still a lot of issues that concerns with the device.

Ringtone Now Causes Complications

One common hassle that Apple users encounter is reliability with iTunes that even setting a RINGTONE is dependent on it. Thanks to technology advancement that there are apps that makes our life easier such as “GarageBand App”.

The Ultimate Guide

This tutorial is recommended for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus users.


First things first, make sure you have already downloaded the GarageBand App at the Apple App Store. Don’t forget to put your favorite song on your music library that you would like to set as your ringtone.


This time, open up the GarageBand App on your iPhone.


On the GarageBand app, search for the View button on the upper left side of the screen. Click it once you’ve find it.


In the new platform that will appear, tap the Loop Browser button. It is the second to the last icon that looks like a Loop on the upper right corner of your Apple device.


Another tab will now prompt on your screen, Apple Loops, Music, and Cancel buttons must be seen as the header. To pick the song you want to set as your ringtone, go ahead and select the Music button. You will now have a view on the list of song available on your music library, it’s now time for you to choose your ringtone.


Your chosen song must now be added and ready for some editing. It is necessary to know how to do this if you want to appreciate it as your ringtone, because the standard duration of the song is relatively short to be a good sound for indicating a notification, text message or an incoming call.


It may look complicated, but just a little bit of familiarity is the key. Like the view we are looking now, it is similar with the Loop Button page. This time we need to find and tap the “+ “button, it is just below the icon next to Loop Button which looks like a gear. You can now adjust your desired length of the song, drag the bar to the right to lengthen and drag it backwards or to the left to shorten the duration. There is also a playback option that allows you to listen and check the song if it sounds satisfying.


After finishing the editing work, on the same screen look at the top left corner to find and click the drop-down arrow.


My songs button will now come out, select it to save your master piece and you can also rename it according to your preference


Long press the thumbnail of your newly created ringtone to make the share icon appear.


Tap the share icon on the upper left corner, it is the square shape button with an arrow pointing upwards.


Additional tab will come out, select the ringtone icon. It’s easy to determine which button is this, because it looks like a bell.


You will be asked to give a name for the ringtone, feel free to label your work and then click export once done.


A message will prompt on your screen that you’ve successfully exported the ringtone, and tick on the “Use sounds as” option right below the note in order to set your notification tune.


At last it’s time to set your favorite melody, as standard ringtone, text tone, or assign it to a specific contact.

You can now dance with the beat when your iPhone starts ringing and singing, without relying on iTunes.

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