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My iOS Apps On My Phone And iPad Are Stuck On An Endless Loading Cycle

The Apps On My iPhone and iPad Are Stuck In A Loading Cycle.

Now, this is one of the oldest kinds of computer and technical problems I have known and seen practically in my entire life. How often do we see it where we are stuck on an endless black screen with nary but a single none-descriptive loading bar or symbol that never fills or ends?

This same problem can even occur with something as hard-set and bricked as an iPad or phone, a device that is meant to be sturdy and dependable since, well, you cannot precisely fix a phone if something happens to it like you can with a desktop tower or a computer (whichever term you prefer).

Moreover, because phones, tablets, and other handheld devices are meant to be sturdy, solid bricks that cannot be upgraded or fixed (at least not as quickly as computers) having an issue like this where an app/apps will not update, thus rendering them broken and potentially usable is a problem, a big problem.

So, What Seems To Be The Problem?

So, for this error, while trying to update a specific app or program on your device, the update, and thus, the app itself, becomes frozen. The program is trapped in time, unable to update correctly, thus being unusable because often developers require the app to upgrade to be playable/useable.

Now, usually this idea of wanting to make sure everyone is on the same version is commendable and right, however when a bug like this appears that stops you from completing the update since it freezes during that process, well, things can get frustrating pretty dang fast. Especially if it is an app you use frequently throughout your day — something like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or some other popular or niche app program.

So, what can you do? Is there anything we can do to fix this problem? Moreover, if so, what is it? Well, yes, yes, there is something we can do, and we are going to cover those options in the next section.

Methods To Fixing The Problem.

So, how can you go about fixing something like this? Especially if the devices are made with the intention of being hard-set and rooted in their designs? Well, there are a few methods we can employ to try to fix such problems, regardless of the outside fact of the devices themselves. So, let us get to those methods, shall we?


Now, the first suggestion is one I have always come to suggest first, even though most people have probably already tried it. That suggestion of mine is to turn off and restart the device itself, give it a minute or two to rest before turning it back on, yes this suggestion is rather lax and straightforward, but one that can be helpful regardless of the situation.

The next suggestion I have to make is to tap on the afflicted loading app. By tapping on the app, this will cause the app to pause, thus pausing the loading process, as well. Give it a few seconds to a minute and then tap on it again to resume.

Another suggestion I have is to make sure your device is running on the latest version of iOS. Sometimes being out of date can cause your device to act and behave in a wonky and unpredictable manner, so please make sure to check on what version you are currently running your device on. While you are working on that, perhaps you should consider turning on Automatic Updates if it is not already.

If you have tried all of that, the next idea I have is to delete the app and then redownload it. That is somewhat annoying, I will not lie, but sometimes that is what is required to fix problems like these.

Another reason why the app/apps might be trapped in this endless loading cycle of updates is because your device lacks the space needed to facilitate the upgrade, thus causing a conflict. So, if you are running out of room on your device, perhaps deleting an app or two is required.

What If I Am Still Facing These Issues?

If you are still having issues with your device, I recommend contacting Apple’s Customer Support program. They can help take over the process of fixing your device if the solutions above (and any other), do not work out.

Final Thoughts And Opinions.

I do hope in the sincerest of manners that this article provides some form of aid to those dealing with this particular problem with their devices and or devices. Thank you everyone, and have a beautiful day.

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