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How To Fix: Accessory Not Supported Error On iPad Pro Smart Keyboard

If you encountered a problem saying that your Smart Keyboard Folio is not working, then you are not alone. Many people have seen an error message on their screens saying that the accessory that they connected is not supported by their iPads.

This article aims to explain the reason why you are seeing the error message and what you can do to fix this problem. Many iPad Pro users also find the error very surprising since a Smart Keyboard is an Apple Product. It should generally be compatible with an iPad Pro.

Reasons Why You are Getting the Error Message on your iPad

There are several causes of the error message. These causes may be:

1. The error message is showing because the Smart Keyboard is not certified by MFI. However, even if you are sure that your keyboard is MFI certified, you can experience this problem because of a problem with the Lightning Cable on your devices.

2. Your iPad Pro is not functioning properly. It might start to malfunction and you better have it checked.

3. Your iPad Pro does not detect the Smart Keyboard or its Folio.

4. Your keyboard is damaged and needs replacement.

What You Can Do to Resolve the Issue

You can try to do several things in order to fix this issue. Some of them are the following:

Upgrade your iPad to the latest iOS version. In order to do this, you can go to your iPad’s “Settings” first. Next, tap on the “General” tab. Then Scroll Down and choose “Software Update.” You might see either two of the following messages: (a) Your device is already up-to-date and (b) An update is available for download. If you see the latter message, download the latest software update for your iPad. Shut Down your iPad after the download to install the latest updates.

You can also do the following:

o Remove the connection of your keyboard from your iPad

o Restart your iPad by going into the “Settings” menu. Next, tap on “general”, finally, tap the “Shut Down” button. Turn on your iPad pro after a few seconds.

o After restarting, connect your keyboard again to your iPad to see if it is working.

Check the connection of your keyboard to your iPad. Make sure that there’s no blockage such as debris, plastics, dust, paper and lint on the area around the connection. You can check the connection pins thoroughly to ensure that it is clear from debris. These debris and small dust particles can sometimes prevent the connection of your keyboard to your iPad. Clean your connectors thoroughly and try to blow air directly on the connectors.

You can do a force reset. You won’t lose any valuable content if you do this. Follow these steps to do a force reset:

This applies if your iPad does not have a home button

o Press the Volume Up button on the side of your iPad, and then release it.

o Afterward, press the Volume Down Button

o Press the power button and hold it until your iPad shuts down and opens up again

This applies if your iPad has a home button

o You can simultaneously press the home button and the top button until your iPad shuts down and restarts.

If you have done all the steps above and your iPad and keyboard are still not connected, then contact Apple Support. You can get a Genius Bar appointment and see if the technicians can help you solve the problem. It can be frustrating and disappointing when you can’t use what you have paid for. You can also send a feedback to the Apple website so that the developers are aware that this problem exists.

If your device has a warranty, you can get a repair or a replacement for free. With regards to keyboards, it is important to note that Apple provides a warranty service for about three years. You can also visit an Apple store and let the technicians examine your iPad. They will give you a quote or you can get your iPad and keyboard fixed without needing to pay depending on the warranty of the devices.

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