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iPhone Camera Won’t Focus? Here’s Why & Fix

Help! It Won’t Focus!


May people around the world bought their iPhone for its superb 8 MP iSight camera. This thing is amazing, and it features f/2.2 aperture plus great pixel focus. This is a feature you only get in DSLR cameras.


The new sensor and the Pixel focus can record high quality 1080P resolution video at 60 FPS. However, many reported that the iPhone camera was not focusing, or it would autofocus on a closeup.

Why Is my iPhone Not Focusing?


Chances are you ran into this issue with the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, or iPhone 4s. The common reasons for this problem was a loose lens position, or an update to the iOS.


How Can I Fix This?


Idea 1-Tap Your iPhone


Using the palm of your hand, tap the top of the phone near the rear camera lens end. Many users reported that this simple fix helped in taking care of the issue.


Idea 2- Press and hold the iPhone Camera’s Button


Press, and then hold, the camera button until it is focused. Then release the button when your image is clear.


Idea 3-Remove the bumper or case from your iPhone


Before you take several photos or videos, remove the case or bumper that you have on your iPhone. These cases and bumpers, no matter how cool or cute they may be, can sometimes cause your photos to come out blurry or make your camera rather wobbly.


I Need More Help…


If none of the ideas above helped, try this:


Press and hold the Sleep button and the Home button at the same time until the Apple logo is shown on the screen. After the iPhone goes through the restart process, check the iPhone camera focus and see how it’s doing.


In some cases, the issue may have occurred because of new iOS updates that take place. Sometimes iOS 9, iOS 8, or the others may be the culprit. So, you might consider resetting your iPhone to the factory settings.


To do this, start by backing up your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud. You don’t want to lose your precious photos, videos and other downloads.


Then go to Settings. Click on General. Then click on Reset. Then choose Erase All Content and Settings.


If you believe this problem may have happened because of the latest iOS update, you can downgrade your iPhone iOS to an older version, if at all possible. You can also take it to the nearest Apple store for some assistance from a professional.


In Closing


Other solutions exist to fix your iPhone camera not focusing issue, and you can find several by searching for other fixes that users have applied.


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