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Fix iPhone that Showing Incorrect Password (When Password is Correct)

Many users started to experience problems connecting to the network. You might be using the same password for decades but suddenly, your device’s connection with the Wi-Fi suddenly stopped. When one is trying to reconnect, he keeps encountering the same error: Password is incorrect. This can be frustrating to many that need internet on a daily basis.

If you are one of these users, you might experience the same problem in this order:

1. The iPhone has suddenly stopped connecting to the Wi-Fi network where it had been connected to.

2. The device tries to reconnect. However, the connection was not established automatically as it did the last time.

3. The iPhone keeps saying that the password to your Wi-Fi is incorrect even though you are entering the right one. You even tried the Wi-Fi password to your other devices and they work fine.

This article is created to resolve the problem. You might experience random incorrect Wi-Fi password from your iOS or MacOS devices. If you think that you have the right password, here are the steps that you can do to resolve this particular issue.

Error with Wi-Fi Password Fix

Here are the steps to resolve the problem. You can do the very first step then the next ones to ensure that you don’t miss any part.

1. You have to enter the correct Wi-Fi password. Make sure that all the uppercase and lowercase letters are correctly keyed in. This is because passwords can be case sensitive. Make sure that you have included any special characters if they are part of the Wi-Fi’s password.

2. Try the password to your other devices. If they are connecting to the Wi-Fi without any problem, then the device might have an issue.

3. Turn on the Auto Join on your iPhone. You can do this by going into Settings. Select Wi-Fi. Find your Wi-Fi name and tap the icon next to it which is a small (i). Toggle to turn on Auto-Join.

4. Sometimes, cases such as this can be caused by a weak signal. You can try to move closer to your router and try to enter the password again. If it works, then this can be a sign that you should check your Wi-Fi’s signal.

5. Try to activate the Airplane mode and deactivate it again after a few minutes. To do this, you can go to your Settings. Next, choose the Airplane Mode. Toggle to turn it on.

6. You can try to forget the network to refresh your Wi-Fi connection. To do this, go to Settings. Go to your Wi-Fi network, then tap the small (i) icon. Select the “Forget this Network” option and tap Confirm. Try to reconnect to your router to see if this step worked.

7. Turn off everything and restart them again.

Shut down your iOS or iPad. You can do this by going to the Settings, scrolling down, and tapping Shut Down.

Restart your modem or router. You can unplug the device from the electrical source. Wait for a few minutes then try to plug it back in. Note that some modems might come with batteries. You should remove these as well and get them back in after a few minutes. You might experience interference with other networks. Sometimes, rebooting your Wi-Fi can fix this issue.

8. Update your iOS if Applicable

You can check if there are updates available by going into the Settings, General and then Software Update.

Make sure to check the latest software update of your router. You can contact your provider or check the manual for this.

9. You can go ahead and try to reset the network settings of your device. In order to this, go to Settings, then General. Press Reset and Reset Network Settings. You won’t lose any data for this. You are just resetting your network. Enter the password to see if this step works.


After trying all of the steps above, your phone should be easily connected to your Wi-Fi. Make sure to check other technical fixes for this issue before paying for a technical support from Apple.


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