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How To Fix An iPhone When It Begins To Stutter Like Crazy?

Stuttering Issues? Oh Boy, Is That Not Annoying?

Stuttering and lag is a painful reminder of the limitations of video and streaming technologies even as we move closer to 2020. Even as technology improves and becomes more efficient in everything that it is, there will always be some problem to set it back by just a hair.

That includes the small computers we have in our pockets at all times. Yes, phones have progressed by a significant margin since the first generations of Sidekicks and flip-phones, but they still have their problems, including the ever-so annoying stuttering that can happen just by complete randomness at times.

Why Do Phones Stutter And Lag Like This?

Why does anything do anything that it should not do? That is the age-old question we still struggle to understand even after all these years. However, with phones, the answer can be one of many things, the CPU and or memory is being taxed, thus slowing down and potentially overheating your phone. Be it as it may, there may be something wrong with the app or program you are trying to use.

The cause of the disturbance can be one of many things, and while it is nice to know what exactly the problem is, trying to resolve the overall issue of the stuttering takes paramount to the cause and symptom of the problem.

Regardless of what might be causing the issue, we are going to go over some methods in which you and anyone else who might be experiencing these problems can employe to potentially solve the stuttering and lagging issues you may be experiencing with your device.

Potential Methods To Fix The Stuttering Problems.

The first method to suggest, and I will admit, you have probably tried this option already, but it would be irresponsible and wrong of me not to add it to the list of potential fixes. So, to get it out of the way, I recommend you also try restarting the phone in its entirety. It cleans out the memory and helps it to regain its bearings when need be.

Another way to fix the stuttering is to remove old and outdated apps. We all have those background apps that we played once or twice while on the bus or while waiting for one’s meal at a restaurant. Perhaps you should consider going through your app history and deleting those old programs that you do not play or use anymore; I know I have a number I should remove.

Alternatively, if you are keen on keeping those apps on your phone, the next thing to do is to update them instead. You should consider this option if the problem you are facing originates with a specific app like Netflix, Hulu, Funimation, Youtube, etc.

This method also goes hand-in-hand with the second method, which is to make sure you have enough space on your phone. Even though it might not make sense, you must always have a little bit of space available on your phone at all times, even if you have no plans of using that space. This is mainly because the iPhone often needs to store temporary files and programs to operate correctly. So, please, make sure there is still a decent amount of space available for the phone to breathe.

At the same time, you can try to close and turn off every app that is currently running on your phone. One of the most common reasons stuttering and lag occurs is because too many programs are occupying in the background, slowing the entire phone up as it tries to accommodate and provide needed CPU power for those apps. So, perhaps swiping away some unnecessary programs on your phone is just the cure it needs to get back into shape.

While you are turning off all unneeded applications and programs, I recommend also checking to make sure you are currently running with the newest version of iOS (at least up to the current version that it can support.) Sometimes these issues can be resolved by updating to the most recent edition of the operating system that Apple provides.

I would also check my internet connection and see how that is going. Often buffering and a poor internet connection can cause the issues, and not the phone itself.

What If The Problems Persist Even After All That?

However, if you continue to experience problems with your phone even after attempting the methods from above (and or others), then I recommend contacting customer support, or you see about taking your iPhone to the nearest Genius Bar or Service Provider for them to have a more thorough look at your device.

Final Thoughts And Opinions.

I genuinely hope this article was both exciting and enlightening on the potential methods of fixing your phone. It can be just the worst when the device you rely on stops working the way that it is supposed too, even more so when you are unsure of why it is happening in the first place.

Regardless, I hope that these methods clear any issues you may be experiencing with your device. Thank you, and have a beautiful day everyone.


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