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What to Do when your 5th Gen iPod Touch Doesn’t Turn On – Fix

It can be very frustrating when your iPod won’t respond when you try to turn it on. You already did everything in order to make the lights come up but it will not simply work.

A lot of iPod Touch users reported a lot of issues including non-responsive devices to the community in the Apple Website. Many said that the iPod was just locked. When they tried to check their social media apps or Apple accounts, it will not simply turn on. Everything seems frozen and the device is unresponsive to everything.

Here are some Solutions that You Can Try

Reboot your iPod Touch Device

Press the home button and the power button simultaneously. Wait until the Apple logo becomes visible o the screen.

Use iTunes to Restore your iPod Device

Get a cord and connect your iPod to your Mac computer. You can use a USB cable for this. Open the iTunes app using your Mac.

If you see your iPod device on your Mac computer, you can go to the summary panel. Click the restore option

If you can’t see your device anywhere on iTunes, force the iPod into a recovery mode.

Keep in mind that you should only use the recovery mode when everything on your iPod is backed up. Otherwise, you might lose important data. Restore process or forcing your device into recovery mode will delete all the data that you have on your iPod Touch.

Contact Apple

If you can’t still get your device to power on, you can contact Apple. You can also read helpful articles on their website. You can contact their chat support first and they can guide you on the other steps that you can do to turn on your iPod. Visit an Apple store as the last resort.

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