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Mac Error- Safari Cannot Be Opened Because Of Problem

There are times that getting your software updated into a newer version could be the reason behind the issues that you’re suddenly dealing with on your Mac computer. Recently, a slew of users has complained that they’re unable to open their Safari browser. This has coincidentally happened when users have updated their iTunes into the 12.8.1 version by Apple.

This version of iTunes supports an operating system that’s built from OS X Yosemite through the macOS High Sierra. Upon closer and further analysis, it was revealed that the update had stopped the Safari 10.1.2 from opening and it is still unclear whether or not the update has the capability of affecting the other Mac-native browsers.

Some of the users that get this error message instantly think that the way to solve this issue would be to install or update the OS system of the Mac to even things out. This is because by reading the error message that pops up, this would be the conclusion of some users considering that the error message states this:

Safari cannot be opened because of a problem. Check with the developer to make sure Safari works with this version of OS X. You may need to reinstall the application. Be sure to install any available updates for the application and OS X.

With that being said, the message would naturally scare users into thinking and wondering how the update on their iTunes program could’ve affected their Safari browser. Fortunately, some users have found the solution to this issue and have come to a conclusion that a software update to the user’s Mac wouldn’t be the solution to the problem. But this begs the question on how the update has affected the user’s Safari browser.

Users have found out that the cause of the issue is because the update has modified an entity called MobileDevice.framework which is located in: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks.

What Causes the Error?

The reason behind the error is the incompatibility between the old edition of Safari and the new software version that has caused the update of the iTunes into a newer version for the user. Mac users have found a way to fix the issue by restoring their MobileDevice.framework item to its pre-update state by using the Time Machine backup feature in Mac. Another simpler approach would be dragging the file to Trash.

Although a malware activity on the user’s computer could also be a plausible reason behind the Safari issue that the user is experiencing. An extension or plugin could be the cause of the error. The user could’ve tried to remove the extension or plugin that isn’t doing the job that it was meant to but disabling the plugin didn’t go all the way and had become the cause of the issue.

But whether or not you’ve acquired the issue through the software update or because of a plugin virus, here are the steps on how you can fix and remove this issue.

Manual Remove Of “Safari Cannot Be Opened Because Of Problems” Issue

To troubleshoot your computer from the issue, here are the steps below to do so:

  1. Open the Time Machine feature on your Mac and then by following its prompts, find the framework item and restore it back to your computer. Make sure that you restore it to a state the precedes the update of your iTunes version 12.8.1.
  2. If you don’t have the Time Machine feature on your Mac or this application was disabled in your computer, then another way to go around this issue is to delete the malfunctioning entity from the computer.

Locate: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileDevice.framework.

  1. Once you’ve found it, move it to Trash.
  2. Restart Safari and then check if it’s working the same way that it had. If the issue continues to persist despite the action that has been taken, proceed to the next steps to fix the issue.

Specifically fix the Browsers for the “Safari cannot be opened because of problems” issue

If the reason for the issue is because of a virus, the best thing to do is to restore your computer or browser back into its default settings. This would be the steps that you should follow:

  1. Open the Safari browser and go to the Safari menu. From the drop-down list, choose Preferences.
  2. After the Preference window appears, choose the Privacy tab at the top. Look for the option that says Remove All Website Data and hit it.
  3. There will be a window that will inform the user of what the reset will do to the computer or to the browser. Basically, the user will only be logged out of some services. On that note, if you’re okay with that, you can proceed to the Remove Now button.
  4. To make sure that you’ve cleared all the data generated from certain websites, look for the Details button under the Privacy Section of the Safari Preferences.
  5. You will be given a list of all of the websites that have stored potentially sensitive data, and that includes cache and cookies. Look for the ones that are causing the issue or trouble and click on the appropriate button which is Remove or Remove all. To exit, click the done button.

Using Freshmac Utility to Remove the “Safari cannot be opened because of problem” issue

There is software like Freshmac that are meant to neutralize the effects of malwares like Mac Tonic. It is meant to optimize and clean the computer from any applications that the user didn’t purposely download. It also has the ability to eliminate any tracking cookies, can free disk space and manage the startup applications and with that said, it has the capability of decreasing boot time.

It also has security features that can protect your computer from any threats. Freshmac also boasts a 24/7 tech support. The steps below will help you remove the issue that you’re dealing with on your Safari:

  1. Make sure that you’ve downloaded FreshMac in your computer. Once you’ve downloaded the program, run the file to have it installed. A window will appear asking you for the password that would allow the set-up; type on the password and then install the software.
  2. Once it’s installed, FreshMac will automatically scan your computer from any threats that has infected it.
  3. A scan report will display what’s wrong in your computer. There will be an option that says Fix Safely. Click on this option to start the cleaning process of your computer from all the issues the scanner has detected.
  4. Check if the “Safari cannot be opened because of problem” issue still persists when you open the browser. Go to the Uninstaller option on the FreshMac and look for what seems suspicious. When you’ve found the suspicious entry, click on the Fix Safely option.
  5. Check the Temp and Startup Apps pane on the interface and remove any suspicious software that are still there.

Whether the cause of the issue was because of the update to the newer version of iTunes or a v virus has managed to worm its way into your computer without your knowledge and has targeted your Safari browser, it is important to make sure that you react rationally in this case.

Some users have the tendency of taking the matters into their own hands and would think that they have to install a new MacOS in hopes of evening out the upgrade or update on the system.

As a user, keep in mind that there are other ways to solve these kinds of issues and you don’t need to purchase a new OS to fix the issue because there are simpler and easier ways to do so and ways that can actually fix the issue safely.



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