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Screen Recording Failed To Save Error – How To Fix It?

The Screen Recordings I have Taken Are No Longer Saving.

Okay, recently some users have made reports stating that the screen recordings they have taken in the past recent days and weeks have failed to save while using either their iPhones or their iPads, while others have been stating that they themselves are having no issues with the screen recording technologies Apple has introduced into their recent generations of models.

Additionally, the users afflicted with this issue have been receiving one of two different messages depending on what they are doing at the time of the recording and what it is the tablet itself is seeing when the users are trying to record, well, whatever it is they are hoping to record.

So, What Is Causing These Messages To Appear And What Are They?

Well, as I mentioned above, there are two different kinds of messages that people are receiving when they are attempting to use the screen recording software that Apple developed for some of their newer Apple products like the iPad and iPod Touch, and so on. These two messages are as stated below.

Message one: The operation can not be completed. (Cocoa error-1) Well, that is rather vague and ever-so informative, definitely leaves users plenty of room to figure out what is wrong with their device.

Now, on the other hand, some users are getting a different sort of message from the first, and unlike the first message, this one has an explanation for it.

Message two: Screen Recording failed to save due to: Failed to save recording. Now, while that message is just as self-defeating and useless as the first since it is repeating itself in the same sentence, we can dispel the meaning of the second message right here, right now, and that is simply because you are most likely attempting to record material that is protected under copyright laws.

For example, you cannot use the record functionality to record shows and movies from Netflix, Hulu, Funimation, Crunchyroll, and especially Disney+ when it launches this November. Obviously, third-party software does not care about such protection laws and we do not condone such choices if they are made, but the screen recording function by Apple will not allow you to record copyrighted material on apps like Netflix.

However, if you are getting the first message error, the one that says cocoa error-1, then please, try these following methods down below.


Methods To Fixing The Problem.

First and foremost, the first thing most people will try to do is to restart their device. Yes, it is cliché, but it is a handy cliché none-the-less. Sometimes that is all it takes to fix a problem.

Additionally, check to see if the iOS and your apps are up-to-date-especially the iOS. Sometimes being out of date can cause numerous problems and inconsistencies that can plague not only your experience but the handling of the phone or tablet itself. So, please, check to see if the iOS and your apps are updated, while you are there, you can also turn on Automatic Updates if you have not already.

Now, another reason why you might not be able to save your videos is because you might be low on space and not even realize it. If you do not have enough space available, the screen recordings will not save. If this is the case, consider uninstalling some old or unneeded programs on your device, I know I often need to do that on my phone at times.

If none of those options work, then maybe you should consider clearing out your website history. To do this on your iOS device, you will need to go to Settings and click on Safari and scroll down to the area that has the words: Clear History and Website Data. Doing this will clear your history, browsing data, cookies, caches and everything else in-between.

Now, if all that does not work, then you might need to force restart your entire device as a whole. Now, while I would explain how to do this, every generation tends to have a different way to go about the process, and listing every one would take quite a bit of time. So, If you do not know how to do it, then I recommend looking it up on Youtube or another guide that talks about your particular model and generation.

What If We Tried All That And It Still Does Not Work?

If you tried all of these options (and any others on another guide), then I highly recommend contacting Apple’s Customer Support and letting them take it from here with their trained experts on the subject of their devices.

Final Thoughts And Opinions.

Thank you, everyone, I hope this article of ours was helpful and sincere in our attempt to help remedy and fix this annoying error, primarily since this error is afflicting a rather fresh and exciting addition that Apple saw fit to include.

So, I hope we were able to help in some way in fixing it. Thank you, and have a beautiful day.

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