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Tip: Check what is taking up the most space on your hard drive with JDiskReport

mac jdiskreport pie chartAre you running out of space on your hard drive? If you managed to fill up your entire disk, there is a good chance you can free some space by removing stuff you don’t need.

JDiskReport is a handy multi-platform application that scans your entire hard drive and generates colorful pie charts to show you what is hogging all your disk space.






Get JDiskReport from the official site.

Once you open JDiskReport on the mac, you will be presented with several scan options like so:

mac jdisk report start menu

Scan a file tree: Scan a specific folder.

Scan / : Scan the whole computer.

Scan /Users/yourname: Scan your user folder.

Scan a previously saved scan: Self explanatory.

Once the scan is completed you are able to click on individual slices to drill down and see which files are taking up the most space.

Because this procedure includes permanently deleting files from your computer, I would strongly recommend you stick to scanning only your user folder ( /Users/yourname ) unless you know exactly what you’re doing. You do not want to accidentally delete important system files.

It is generally safe to delete files from the user folder, but avoid deleting from the /Users/yourname/Library folder as it may contain your preferences.

Once you find a big file or folder you want to delete, open that location in Finder and delete the file.

Update: Read the AppCleaner MacTip about removing Applications properly.

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