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Tip: Convert any video to iPhone/iPod/Apple TV

Handbrake video converter.You should never have to pay for video converters. Handbrake is an open source multi-platform app that converts almost any video to iPhone/Apple TV compatible formats.

Why Handbrake

  • Handbrake supports almost any video format you can throw at it. It will even rip your DVDs. It’s also crucially supports converting to H.264, which is what we need to play video on iPhone/iPods and Apple TVs.
  • It’s a multi-threaded application, meaning that your dual core or quad core CPU is put to full use for fastest encoding possible.
  • It’s completely free.



  1. Get Handbrake here.
  2. Open the DMG, drag Handbrake to Applications folder, and open it up.
  3. The first thing you will asked to select your source file.Select source video.
  4. If you don’t want to fiddle with encoding settings you can use the handy preset menu on the right which has a selection of optimized settings. Choose a video preset.
  5. Take note of the destination location, or change it to your preference.
  6. Click the Start button when you’re happy with encoding settings. Start Handbrake conversion.
  7. Your part is done, now wait for the computer to finish, add the completed video to iTunes or whatever you use to manage your video library.

Bonus: Converting video formats can take some time even with great software and hardware. If you’re converting more than one video, you may want to queue multiple conversion jobs before starting, so you won’t have to sit around and wait. Handbrake QueueSimply use the Add to Queue button to build your list.

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