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Tips for Fixing the Pokémon Go “GPS Signal Not Found” Error in iOS

With the popularity of Pokémon Go, users all over the world are engaging with the app in record-breaking numbers. This was a big shock to many, as few thought the augmented reality game would achieve such success! Great news!

But not completely– the downside to all of this sudden success is that there can be quite a few glitches in the system…

Many have reported issues such as random crashing, server errors, and rapid battery drain that can irk anyone, tech-savvy or not. One major buzz-kill that can be frustrating is when the app reports “GPS signal not found”, as it seems to be a more complicated issue.

Not to fear! Below you will find a list of some ways to combat this issue, along with other useful tips and suggestions. Enjoy!

Tip #1: Try tampering with Location Services

First, make sure the Location Services is turned on, as the app might not work otherwise. You will want to “Allow” the app to use your Location Services information as needed. If you choose not to allow, the app will be prevented from using your location.

To use:

Launch Settings app Privacy Location Services Turn off the switch, then turn it back on. Voila.

**iOS devices can use wi-fi or Bluetooth for location enabling.

Tip # 2: Change Your Actual Location

Try stepping outside and holding the phone steady for about 30 seconds in order for the GPS satellites to find your location. There might be issues with your phone switching from the signal to your phone.

Tip #3: Ignore the Game for a Bit…

Sounds super simple but at times this can solve the problem. It could be that the app is being used by a large number of people for a while, so it crashes as a result. Similar to when too many users are on a wi-fi network at a coffee shop.

Tip #4: Force-quit and relaunch

This may cause you to lose data from the game, but unfortunately this is sometimes the only option! To do this:

Double press the Home button to bring up the multitasking screen swipe to the Pokémon Go app and swipe up to quit wait a minute and try relaunching.

Tip # 5: Switch to Airplane Mode

Herein lies a clever trick about GPS: by switching satellites, this resets all radios and allows GPS to reset as well. Then, the GPS satellite can locate the phone and sync with the Pokémon Go app.

Tip #6: Reset the Network Settings

Similar to the last tip, resetting might cause you to lose important information. However, doing a deeper clean of the system may be the best way of solving the issue.

Open Settings General scroll down and click Reset click on Reset Network Settings and type in passcode (if applicable).

And if All Else Fails…

it never hurts to try turning your phone off and on. It may not be the most sophisticated way of solving the problem, but sometimes it can do the trick. Users have also reported that opening Google Maps and letting it roam in the background can be helpful as well. This allows your phone to locate a stable GPS signal, thereby resolving the issue.

Regardless, it is still an imperfect system. Even though Pokémon Go uses strategic points such as your closest mobile network tower combined with the local Wi-Fi and GPS satellites to find your exact location, any number of errors can occur between the three sources which can inhibit the app from functioning properly. At the same time, if you only utilize Wi-Fi with the mobile-based location tracker, the app may not be able to locate your precise location and as a result, will not work well either.

Rest assured, as technology advances and augmented reality games become more prominent, these glitches will become an error of the past. Pokémon Go is still an exciting game that allows users all over the world have a unique experience—and one that is certain to only be improved. I hope these tips help to enhance your experience!

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