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5+ Best Trippy Photo Editor Apps for iPhone

If you want a super fun time editing your photos, then the Trippy Camera app is a must try. The app has mind-bending tools and settings that can make your photos more interesting. There are also a lot of filters and effects that you can use to have fun.

The trippy camera is designed for iPhone users who want to mix plenty of colors and filters on their pictures and selfies. So here are the top picks of iPhone Trippy photo editor apps that you can use to make your images more interesting.

Cool Trippy Apps for your iPhone


This photo editor will make your pictures and selfies look like a work of realistic digital art. The camera effects give an outstanding effect and your friends in social media will remark how cool you are. Your realistic digital art will have the most insane colors, unusual filters, and you can upgrade them to the next level. If you want to be different from the crowd, then this app is the perfect choice for you.

This app has broken effects, acid trips, psychedelic filters, and a lot more. It will generally give your photo a ‘90s vibe if you want. Get the lighting effects that you want and make your photo colorful. Trippy is free with in-app purchases.


This is a photo editor application that creates excellent images. The quality of your photos can improve immensely and the app itself has a user-friendly interface. Even if you don’t have a great photo-editing skill, this app will make it look like it has been edited by a pro. You can choose on a wide range of tools that are designed for people who love to create stunning images. The Enlight application is a delight for everyone who wants to make the perfect selfies on their social media profiles.

This app can manage to strike the perfect balance between artistic filters and Photoshop-like controls. It offers analog and duo filters, black and white photography, image perfection, and many decorative touches. It requires iOS 10 or later and you can get it on the App Store for $3.99.


This is a photo editing app that will make random glitches on your photos. You can customize your pictures by making multiplier effects, and glitches that look like they are the real thing. You can get photos from your gallery and transform them into a work of art and share it with everyone. Instead of becoming the next digital artist, you can be the next glitch artist when you use this app. If you want to start on being creative, then there are effects and controls on this app that you should try. You can get real-time effects while you are still on the process of editing.

This is a kind of 3D photo editor that will give you a VHS effect. You can get it from free on the app store. The required iOS is 9.0 or above. It is perfectly compatible with iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch.

Space Effect

If you want to make your photos look like you came from space, then this is the photo editor for you. This is a kind of a social media platform where other people can see your uploaded pictures and you can do the same. You can post from people worldwide who are using this app daily.

The feed option on the Space Effect Photo Editor App will make you known with other users worldwide know how good you are. You can also get tips and insights from others users in the community.


Prisma is an app that can be utilized to make photos with a touch of artistic effects, You can transform your photos and videos in interesting ways. This app is a combination of artificial intelligence and neural works. You can also add filters to your videos using this app too. You can create any style that you want and sell them on Prisma store online.

Using these cool apps will make your 2019 even better. You will be able to get the look that you want and you can improve your image in the world of social media.

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