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How To Wireless Print Directly from an iPad

Printing from an iPad has never been easier, as Apple has made supporting printers easier than ever. iPad supports using big name brand printers and well as small brand printers and keep adding new ones all the time.

What You Need to Know

There are a couple of things that may be useful to know before getting started.

-Some printers are not compatible for AirPrinting. Please check with the owner’s manual of the printer or the company website to check if this feature is supported.

-Make sure the software is updated on both the tablet and the printer being used.

-Both tablet and printers need to be on the same Wi-Fi network in order to work properly.

-Some printing properties are not available using AirPrint.

How to Print from an iPad

-Open the app where the document or image is located.

-Click on the more button (often times a square symbol with an arrow in it).

-A series of options will appear.

-Tap Print.

-Select the printer that you want to print from.

-Select the amount of copies you wish to print.

-Tap the blue Print button on the top corner.

Additional Options On AirPrint

There are other things that AirPrint can do other than just simple printing. There are some extra features that come with using this technology. These can make doing projects and printing jobs easier.

Canceling a job is easy as using the App Switcher (double click the home button to access the App Switcher) and clicking on the printing screen. There is a button in red that says ‘Cancel Printing’.

Viewing the printing job is just as simple. Using the App Switcher and clicking on the printing screen shows you the printing job.

Using these tools can be beneficial in case of a mistake or if you want to see at what status the printing job is.

Need Help?

Use Apple’s extensive community on the Apple website for any questions that may or may not have been answered about issues with AirPrinting.

You can also contact Apple directly on their website to help troubleshoot any issues you may have.

Using these tips and information, you can be more prepared to take advantage of the wonderful feature that is AirPrinting. Soon you’ll be able to print things from anywhere in your house or work place. The convenience of the ability to do this will make your life so much easier.

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