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Yellow Battery Icon? What Does It Mean?

So, The Battery Icon Is Now Yellow, Huh?

For this short article of ours, we are going to go over and explain why an iPhone battery icon is now yellow for some odd reason. Now, to most experienced users, I am sure they know what it means, but what about new individuals who are just buying their first iPhone today? Those are the individuals who could benefit from an article like this. So, let us get started, shall we?

What Does It Mean?

What does it mean for the battery icon to go yellow? Well, put simply, it is there to indicate that your phone is in low power mode now. Now, do not panic or think there is something wrong with your phone or the battery; there is nothing wrong with the device. It is functioning as Apple’s engineerings expect it to function.

Is This A Permanent Feature?

Yes, and no. It is a feature baked into the operating system itself, so you cannot remove it. However, If you do not want your phone to be on low power mode for whatever reason, you can turn it off via the options menu. By selecting this option, your battery will revert to its default look and appearance, no harm done whatsoever.

However, by turning this feature off (or never turning it on at all), you will receive a prompt requesting you to turn on LPM once your device reaches 20% power. You can ignore this message if you like.

Should I Turn It On?

If you want my opinion, I would say yes. LPM is meant to help your battery last longer in-between charges. It turns off various added features like iCloud services, Siri, automated downloads, and other programs, thus ensuring your battery lasts longer than usually; especially if you do not use or care for these additional features.

However, I understand some people have their chargers with them at all times, especially if they are on the move all the time, so to them, having LPM enabled is a bit redundant.

At that point, I would say it is up to the individual themselves if they want the feature on or off. To me, it does not hurt to leave on, but I understand that not everyone wants or needs it on at all times, especially if they have access to their chargers.

Final Thoughts And Opinions.

So, that is about it. The yellow battery symbol is there to let you know that your phone is currently in low powered mode. It is a means of letting you know that your battery is being conserved and rationed by turning off additional systems and functions that you may or may not even use.

Regardless, I hope this article helps anyone confused or worried about why the battery is now yellow out of nowhere, especially for new iPhone users. I know I was a bit confused until figuring it out, so I understand the confusion it may cause.

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