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Autonomous Cars from Apple is now a Fleet of 72 in California

The autonomous vehicles that Apple has produced are now 72 and counting. All of the vehicles have licenses and permits to operate along California public roads. The California Department of Motor and Vehicles lastly reported that there are 70 autonomous vehicles running on their public roads, and there’s two more added.

Apple keeps its invention of autonomous vehicles growing at a very steady pace.

You can check the latest numbers of autonomous vehicles of other companies:

1. When it comes to GM Cruise, the number is 633 Drivers and 204 Vehicles

2. The Waymo reported that they have 398 Drivers and 105 Vehicles

3. Apple has reported 144 Drivers and 72 Vehicles for their autonomous cars

4. Tesla says that they have 49 Drivers and 27 Vehicles running.

The sum total of all the vehicles combined is 645 and there are currently 2,116 drivers.

The shocking revelation of these numbers shows that Tesla has a lesser number of autonomous cars running on the public roads of California compared to previews reports. In the month of November, it is reported that Tesla has permitted at least 39 test cars to run on the roads. The weekly reports came from a trusted source at DMV. At the beginning of the month, it seems that Tesla has lost about 10 cars and counting.

Compared to Tesla, Apple has shown stronger status o autonomous cars. The 18 months of labor produced 55 vehicles from a starting number of 3. The numbers keep rising as Apple was able to run the 62 vehicles in May, 66 vehicles in the month of July, and when September comes in, it went up to 70 autonomous vehicles. The numbers will surely keep rising as the months go by.

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