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10+ Best TV Tuners for Mac Watch Live Tv

With online streaming on the rise, it seems watching cable television is quickly becoming outdated. However, there is a way to unite cable TV with online streaming. TV tuners allow you to do that and so much more. We have gathered a list of the top ten TV tuners for your Mac that will satisfy your entertainment needs.


EyeTV Hybrid


The compact Eye TV Hybrid allows you to watch, pause, and record live television on a Mac or PC. It accepts unscrambled cable digital, analog TV, and unencrypted digital HDTV reception. It guarantees a high-resolution picture. It also connects to different game consoles and features DVR that syncs your television recordings to your Mac, iPhone, and iPod.


Slingbox Pro-HD


The Slingbox Pro-HD acts as a DVR, satellite receiver, and DVD player. With no monthly fees, you can stream high-definition video, sporting events, and your favorite show from all around the house. Also, multiple inputs in the tuner allow up to three devices so you can access entertainment system on your smartphone, tablet, Mac, or PC.


Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 950 Hybrid TV stick


With nearly 1500 digital TV stations, this tuner brings high definition cable to your PC or Mac. It is compatible with both NTSC analog and ATSC high-definition digital TV. With this tuner, watch, pause, and record live television on desktop computers or laptops. Due to its compact size, this tuner is great for travel.


HD HomeRun Digital TV Tuner


This next tuner is two tuners in one that work from anywhere within your network. Simply attach the tuner to your home router, and it automatically allocates itself between multiple computers. It streams high quality ATSC digital TV and works with DVRs. You can watch, record, and playback in full HD. Moreover, it is compatible with iPad and iPhone so your favorite shows can go with you with the same high definition just on a smaller screen.


Miglia TV Max


The Miglia TV Max is a compact TV tuner. By plugging it into a USB port and connecting an antenna or cable, your Mac is instantly becoming a TV. The EyeTV 2 software helps you search through digital channels. You can easily record TV shows or movies from your cable TV and convert video tapes into compatible files for your iPod or Mac.


PCTV nanoStick Ultimate Plus


This light-weight tuner is compatible for Windows PC or Mac. TV Center 6 software makes it easy for PC users to access live television, timeshift, and record live TV shows. Fuugo TV software allows Mac users to watch, record, pause, timeshift, skip, rewind and slow motion their TV shows. This tuner is also environmentally friendly because they no longer contain installation discs that are likely to be disposed of without use.


Elgato EyeTV Diversity


Elgato EyeTV Diversity receives digital and analog TV and turns your Mac into an affordable HD flat screen, DVR, and FM radio. You can record TV and FM radio shows and add your recordings to your iPod, Apple TV, and iPhone. It also includes the EyeTV 3 software and features composite video and S-video analog inputs that allow you to watch cable, satellite TV or to capture video from VHS tapes.


Pinnacle PCTV HD mini Stick


Your PC can instantly become a personal digital video recorder with this tuner. All your favorite shows are accessible as they are directly to saved to your hard drive. It allows for HDTV, standard definition, and Clear QAM. It has greater reception sensitivity and comes with a mini remote control and a high gain telescopic antenna.


TubeStick QAM Hybrid


Exclusively for MAC users, it uses two-in-one tuners turn your Mac into a high-definition television. It decodes HDTV and SDTV signals and unencrypted cable signals. It also accepts free-over-the-air analog signals. The Tube software allows users to watch, timeshift, pause and playback live television. The Tube Stick hybrid is compatible with Windows Media Centers.


ATI TV Wonder


This tuner allows you to schedule, watch, and record analog TV, free-to-air HDTV, and FM radio stations from your PC. This particular tuner has advanced 3D comb filter, noise reduction, automatic color control, and edge enhancement to enhance your viewing experience. You can also use it as a DVD player, to make your own DVDs, or to convert recorded television to DVDs.




This tuner receives digital HDTV signal, analog TV signal, clear QAM and FM radio and converts any place into an entertainment center. It guarantees a high definition picture and stereo sound. H.264 recording records your favorite TV shows in 320X240 resolution to save hard drive space and makes it easier to export to iPods. Its light-weight USB design allows for easy mobility.




The list may seem extensvie, but we are sure one of these tuners is likely to satisfy your needs. No matter what your specific needs may be, a TV tuner will unite your cable viewing experience with the new wave of online streaming. Regardless of what you choose, we are sure that free live TV is within your grasp.

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