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Features Of The OneNote App for iPad

For the last few months, I have entrusted OneNote both from home and at work, as I track both my personal thoughts and receipts. Once back in time, I have taken a chance to make a text about OneNote. Well I did not really give it a deserved shake. I decided to give it a try. Quite challenging though. I had moved an approximate of two thousand notes to the OneNote service to get a determination and assurance of whether I would adapt it for real. Unfortunately, my result was negative. Although I have compiled a comprehensive text explaining a lot more.

The OneNote Trust

For quite some years now, OneNote has been a well-known product, before it was made free to download. You are not expected to give a single penny while using it be it monthly. The reason is because the application makes use of your space in Microsoft OneDrive. Microsoft OneDrive boasts some wholesome space in it despite being free from charges. The amount of space available in OneDrive is comparable to an unlimited space for a good number of users. OneNote, which is a major product built in the Microsoft, is a service worth of anybody’s trust. My declaration for that would be a complete loyalty in it for a foreseeable and bright future.

One big deal factors in when you are maybe thinking about investing in OneNote. Platforms show up and equally vanish. There is one disturbing question: Where would we access the cache of our notes in the coming 4-5 years. Trust has built up and matured to believe. Come to talk of OneNote, trust and belief has matured and now I recommend the safeness of documents with OneNote in conjunction with Microsoft.

The OneNote overlook.

I looked at OneNote earlier. Initially it pulled my attention because like I had viewed, it had a great similarity with Evernote in terms of features it compatibly works with a number of platforms. For example: files and images, multiple notebook support, encompassing both personal and work based kids of notes, rich text format, which counted as some of the most useful and essential features in Evernote. Finding them in OneNote was such a great feeling which was not in my expectations.

One great feature made curiously attracted me to Microsoft. The freeform note-taking. The level of flexibility offered by OneNote is not compete able. It can be compared to a smart paper piece which gives a varied treatment to different digital media. One you start your typing on the screen, it basically means that you are coming up with a resizable text box. You are free and able to either make the margins extremely wide or narrow which enables you to make a thin text column.

The fact that you can column your notes thinly already forms a pretty novel. You may begin to structure and organize your notes in visual design, that is if you are inclined to it. The OneNote winning advantage peeps in when you begin combining media, drawings and texts. Files can be incorporated beside texts. Not to mention drawings and other media when intending to give an explanation of a particular section of a graph or chart. Interestingly, this feature suits the preliminary explanations that kind of introduce the details of an upcoming video, which essentially would be better if the notes were detailed.

OneNote lets you do formatting to small documents and again allows you to search for them like they were notes in a mere notes application. I have tried it a couple of times when I was playing the game of Dungeons and Dragons. I was capable of mapping out. This spelled out that my traits could cast and other status like how much life was left in the game and the ones that had been used up. There were paper clip boards, but the OneNote made more sense and we therefore used them. The main reason was that they were digital and there was an opportunity to capture the images of the spell library.

The OneNote experience instilled a new perspective in me. I change the way I viewed OneNote before due to the powerful formatting capabilities. They were such fascinating although I do not necessarily need them daily. The mixture of media that simply scroll upward or downward are enough served by Apple notes and Evernote.

Can’t keep my eggs in OneNote Notebooks

A very important section was now taking another round with OneNote. I had it very clear in mind that sorting notes was my pinching issue in my first round. OneNote sorted notes according to the date of creation rather that the date last modified. This had an implication that the last note that I had created was going to be found as the last of the section that I was. Reaching most recent notes was quite a big struggle, because I had to religiously scroll through all my notes in order to access them. It was hectic.

I devised a way that I could accessibly reach my notes without struggle. So I grouped them into different subsections in OneNote, which I could understand simply. One section was a chronological category which composed of notes from 2011 way through, up to 2016. I placed each of them in distinguishable notebook sections. Besides, I included new sections which I named differently for example “receipt” and “gear”. Apparently OneNote supports not a similar tagging on different notes. Funnily, instead of solving the problem, I felt even more lost in my notes despite the thorough subdivision.

When one activated the search feature in OneNote, a small sub window shows up laying down all the results which match your kind of search. When you click at any of the results, the file location of the result would be opened. This method is very helpful although there are chances that I may lose the track of my main focus. I have to scroll back in order to access my recent notes, and the process recurs every time I search for notes.

Square Peg, Round Hole

Well i decided to forcefully make things work out for me. According to me, OneNote serves great but does not synch to my thinking. It boasts a recent notes sidebar but apparently, it happens to be displaying all the notes rather than the little that I expect. Evernote and Apple organizes notes in a very great way which makes me feel answered. Lest OneNote makes significant changes to their way of organization, thus allowing one to sort notes according to date modified, this may be my last trial for OneNote.

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