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How to Fix Mail App Crashing / Not Opening on iPhone

Despite all the good our cell phones can do for us, it is not without troubles. One problem experienced by some owners of iPhones is the Mail App constantly crashing for no apparent reason.

This makes checking your mail almost impossible, and actually trying to respond to e-mail messages even worse. If you are experiencing these issues, ease your frustration by attempting the steps recorded below.

Free up Memory

If too much information is hogging your phone’s memory, this can cause the Mail app to have difficulty starting. Navigate to Settings>General>Storage to check on how much free space you have. If the phone is full, you can delete some items to make more room. Try removing photos and videos, or apps you haven’t used for a while.

Alternatively, you can offload the Mail app itself and then re-install it. Note that this is not the same as deleting the app. The key difference is when you delete an app, you also delete and data the app has stored, but when you offload and app that data is preserved.

Find this option by going to Settings>General>Storage and then swiping down to find the Mail app. Choose the Mail app and then click “Offload App.” To reinstall, go to the same spot and this time choose “Reinstall App.”

Reboot Just the App for Mail

If this doesn’t do the trick, the next step to try is to force the Mail app to start over. To get this done, follow the steps below for your device:

  • Any device iPhone 8 or older: Tap the home button twice, quickly. This reveals any apps still running in your phone’s background. Simply locate the Mail app by swiping left and right. Once you find it, swipe it up.
  • For iPhone X: Once the device is unlocked, swipe your finger up on the screen. After you find the Mail app in the list, touch and hold until the “-“ icon (minus sign) appears in red. Next, simply tap the icon to shut down the app.

This will not delete any of the app’s information, so simply reopen the app to find out if it worked.

Remove and Re-add E-mail Accounts

Try deleting your e-mail information and re-entering it by finding Settings>Accounts & Passwords. Next, choose your account and select “Sign Out.” After it is deleted, choose “Add Account” and re-enter your e-mail information. This will clear out any issue that may have come from an incorrect mail setting.

Reboot the Phone

A rule of thumb with nearly any issue with any electronic device is this: Try turning it off and then back on. The different ways to accomplish this task include:

  • Click and hold the side button (or both side button and one volume button for the iPhone X).
  • Open your phone and navigate to Settings>General>Shut Down.

Check for Updates

Use your phone menu to navigate to Settings>General>Software Update. If you find an update is needed, download and install the update before attempting the next fix.

Toggle the Fetch New Data Option

If the Fetch New Data option is interfering with your Mail app, you can try restarting it. To do this, open Settings>Accounts & Passwords> Fetch New Data. Toggle the radio button off for a few seconds. After waiting, turn the button back on and check the Mail app.

At the end of all these steps, if you are still experiencing problems, call Apple for more in-depth help. Apple does offer live support via chat, for your convenience. Sometimes, no matter how many tips and tricks the internet may provide, we still need the experts!

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