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How to Fix Notifications Disappearing From my Lock Screen IOS

Typically, anytime you receive a notification while your phone is locked, you will see the alert show up on your lock screen. It has been found by some that certain notifications are missed and are disappearing from the lock screen.

If working properly, the user should be able to see a banner each time there is a notification while the phone is locked. This allows them to know they have a notification without needing to unlock the phone. It applies to text messages, reminders, and any other communication from apps on the device.

When working incorrectly, users may be unaware of communication they receive while the phone screen is locked. This causes major issues, especially for a user who relies on this function for important alerts. The majority of issues with this feature are related to text alerts disappearing from the lock screen, minutes or seconds after being received.

Establish Notification Type

For the first fix to try, we must realize there are different notification options. One is temporary and the other is persistent. Temporary alerts are designed to stay visible for a few moments and then disappear on their own.

The persistent alerts are supposed to be visible until turned off. Start by changing the notification style to persistent in Settings> Notifications> and then choosing any app. Once you are in the settings for the specific app, choose the appropriate option.

Update the iOS

Next, confirm that your device is running the latest operating system. This is found in Settings> General> Software Update. If an update is available, download and install before trying more fixes.

Turn off “Show in History”

Another option that has been a successful workaround is to switch the “show in history” option off. To do this, navigate to Settings> Notifications and choose the app that is having the problem. Then switch the radio button next to “Show in History” to the off position.

Restart the Device

Sometimes, simply turning the device off and back on will address the issue. You can do this by either holding down the side button until the device turns off, or under Settings> General> Shut Down. Once you turn the device back on, check to see if the issue has been resolved.

Switch App Notifications on and Off

An option that has also been able to correct the problem is related to the “Allow Notifications” function. If you have notifications that are not working for one specific App, try turning the notifications for that App off temporarily. After a few seconds, turn notifications back on. This setting is found under Settings> Notifications> and then under whichever app you are trying to fix.

Check “Do Not Disturb”

The last thing to check for is whether or not your device is set to “Do not Disturb.” If it is, this will block notifications that come in (so as not to interrupt the user). To make sure this is switched off, navigate to Settings> Do Not Disturb and tap the switch to the “off” position.

Technology allows us to do more and access more at our fingertips than ever, but it comes at a price. Notorious for bugs and glitches, every device has its struggles. The good news is that most can be addressed through quick and easy troubleshooting done from the comfort of home.

If after trying all of these suggested fixes, you still have issues, please contact Apple support. There could be deeper issues with your device that need to be resolved. Apple customer service representatives often have additional steps that can be taken to resolve the issue.

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