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How to Fix PowerPoint Window Opening Off the Screen Mac

Some users reported that when they tried to open the PowerPoint presentation that they have prepared, it was not in the right place. Instead of opening normally, some users say that their presentations were found on Mission Control.

When they tried to drag the presentation in the right place, it was still not working.

Here’s How to Fix this Issue:

  1. Click on the Zoom Window Mode

In order to do this, you have to go to the PowerPoint menu. Go to the Window Menu and click on the “Zoom Window”.

  1. Try to open the PowerPoint program in a low resolution

Your screen might be too large. In order to go to a lower resolution, do the following:

  • Exit out of the PowerPoint program.
  • Go to your Mac’s System Preferences. Choose on Displays Panel. Select the lowest resolution and check the box near it. This will reduce your display and you can go back to this step if you want to set everything to normal.
  • Go to your PowerPoint presentation and check if it’s now in the right place.
  • You can go to the Systems Preference again, click on Display and set the resolution to high after you presented your PowerPoint.
  1. Click on the Arrange All Options Menu

In order to do this, go to your PowerPoint program. Go to the menu with the Windows option. Select Arrange All. This should restore your presentation back to the normal part of your Mac screen.

  1. If you are using dual or external monitors, do the following:
  • Unplug the external monitor from your Mac device.
  • Go to the Full-Screen Mode of your computer. You can do this through clicking View then Enter Full Screen
  • Exit the Full-Screen mode
  • Connect the external monitor to see if it works.

Other Fixes You Can Try

  • On your keyboard, simply press the Command button and F1.
  • Go to your PowerPoint. Click Window, then choose Cascade.

You can try other solutions by researching through forums and blogs.


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