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iCloud Says Files Are Unavailable! How to Fix

Have you had trouble with your files and iCloud? I am assuming so, as it is in the title, and I am here to help. See, you are not the only one; a lot of people are having the exact same issue. It is frustrating, but there is a way to fix it.


Apple has created a lot of very interesting tools. They have created various technology that allows their customers to keep all of their information and files in the same place, and that took the form of iCloud. iCloud is a great way to save photos and other files.

With iCloud, you can back-up your device quickly and easily while using Wi-Fi. Not having to be plugged into a computer can be a lifesaver for people that do not have the time to get to their laptop or desktop. You no longer have to sign into iTunes, plug your device in, and wait for it to finish.

Automatic Back-Up:

Another cool function is that iCloud can actually back your data up itself while the device is in sleep mode. You do not have to remember when the last time your device was backed up is, because it will always be backed up and up to date. All you have to do is turn on the automatic back-up function. However, these easy back-ups have not been so easily recently. Which brings us back to the problem.

The Issue:

A lot of customers have been saying that, when they are backing up their files, there have been errors with files being “unavailable.” After the back-up, iCloud says that some of the files were unavailable and could not be backed up with the rest.

Troubleshooting the Issue:

The issue with the files can be caused by multiple factors, and requires you to troubleshoot it. First, try to manually back-up the same files through iTunes to see if the same error occurs. If it does not, then it is an issue with the automatic back-ups. If there are still issues, then you can fix it by following these steps:

The Fix:

Here are the ways that you can fix this issue. If one does not work then continue trying the others, because the issue may be different. There a few reasons as to why the files are unavailable during the back-up process.

  • First Fix

  1. Manually restart your device. (Do this by holding both the home button and the power button at the same time until the Apple logo appears on your phone.)

  2. Try backing up your files again by going to your settings and through iCloud.

  • Second Fix

  1. Close all of the apps that are still running in the background on your device. These apps may be stopping the back-up from being successful and can clutter up your phone.

  • Third Fix

  1. Go to settings and test your Wi-Fi connection. If you lost your connection while the back-up was happening, then it would have caused it to go to error.

  2. Then, back-up the device manually through iTunes on your computer to ensure that it works.

  • Fourth Fix

  1. Delete your previous back-up data and try backing it up again, fresh.

  • Fifth Fix

  1. Ensure that you have enough space left on your iCloud for the back-up. Some iCloud accounts have a restriction on space, so try to free some up if you need to back-up your device again. Deleting your old files, such as photos that you can save onto your hard drive, can help free up the needed space.

  • Sixth Fix

  1. Ensure that you are signed into the right iCloud account.

  2. Sign out and then back in, then try to back-up the device again. Waiting a few minutes between signing out and signing in can help.

  • Finally, ensure that your device is up to date! Being behind on updates can cause errors like this one to pop up.

Like I mentioned before, iCloud can be quite helpful, as long as you know how to use it and how to fix problems like it. It is not perfect, but thankfully it is relatively easy. I hope that one of the tips above worked for you. If they did not work, then contact Apple support, as it may be an issue with your account or device that cannot be solved so simply.

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